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How to display all mail as plain text in Outlook

Reading text in plain text can be a blessed relief from complicated formatting, not to say quicker to open and secure than HTML-heavy emails. To use plain text by default in Outlook.

Before we find out how to do it, it is worth noting that the usual text has advantages and disadvantages, both for the sender and the recipient. The main drawback of plain text is that it has no formatting and no inline functionality like images or links. Almost the entire message you read will look at least slightly different if you read it in plain text, and some emails will be almost unreadable if it is heavily formatted.

However, there are also advantages. Simple text is safer because nothing is hidden. There can be no embedded tracking images and no hidden phishing addresses (because if the URL is visible in plain text, you can see the entire URL, instead of the text the sender wanted you to see). For that reason, plain text messages that you send are less likely to be dangerous or harmful to automated scanners, as plain text simply cannot be as dangerous as HTML. (This does not mean that anyone cannot send a malicious link in plain text, but it is much harder to trick you into clicking on it.)

With that in mind, you read all plain text messages, send all messages in plain text and just send a single message in plain text.

Reading mail in plain text

To read all mail in plain text, go to File> Options> Trust Center> Trust Center Settings.

 Go to the Trust Center, then Trust Center Settings

Select the Email Security option and turn on "Read all standard mail in plain text".

 Click on Email Security and turn on

Click "OK" to leave Trust Center Settings and "OK" again to exit the Options window. Outlook will now display all emails that you open in plain text.

Sending all mail in plain text

You can force any mail you write to be in plain text by opening File> Options> Email, Open "Write Messages in


Click "OK" to exit Options and the default format for sending new messages will now be plain text.

Sending a specific entry in plain text

If you want to leave standard HTML format as standard but want to write a single letter in plain text, you can also do so. Click Format text> Common text "" pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this); " onerror = "this.onerror = null; pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon (this);" />

If your signature has any HTML in it, e.g. a link or formatting, Outlook displays a warning that lets you know that you will lose this when you switch to plain text.

 Compatibility Control Dialogue

Click "Continue" to change the message to plain text. You do this, you can change it to HTML, but you need to re-create your signature, it's easier to post and create a new one.

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If you have changed your settings to always send as usual t ext, you can change this for individuals messages in the same way. Open a new mail and click Format Text> HTML to send only that message with HTML.

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