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How to download movies and programs from Disney +

Some streaming services have been available for several years without the ability to download programs and movies for offline viewing, but that feature was available on Day 1 of Disney +. There are more than 600 titles to dive into, enough to binge hundreds of hours off Simpsons without looking at even one-fifth of what is available.

The service’s download function – which is exclusive to the mobile apps at the time of writing – is so simple that Olaf can use it, and for each title that is eligible, just find out what you want. Here we take you through both downloading and deleting movies and programs from your Disney + app.

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Downloads movies and programs on Disney +

Step 1
: Choose your download quality

Before we have fun, let’s talk about file sizes. If you are running out of storage space on your iPhone or Android smartphone, Disney + has a variable quality feature that allows you to sacrifice visual fidelity for a smaller digital footprint. Open the Disney + app on your smartphone (iOS, Android) and click on your profile icon at the bottom right. From there, navigate to App settings> Download quality. You see options for standard, medium and high, the latter probably does not offer higher than 1080p resolution.

Step 2: Download your content

Since you can see all Disney + titles offline, you do not need to guess or filter to find downloadable content. The hardest part of this task is finding out what you want to watch. Once you have found out, all you have to do from the movie or show list is press the download button, which is located to the right of the Play button under the title logo. For programs, you can also find a separate download button next to each episode if you do not want the entire season.

Disney takes care of the magic from there. It’s a relatively fast download on Wi-Fi, especially with lower quality, so you can probably catch dozens of movies during these hours before you fly if you forgot to do so the night before.

Step 3: Watch your downloaded movies and programs

All that remains to be done now is to have fun! An easy way to find your downloads is to tap the download icon, which is always visible at the bottom right of the Disney + app. All your content will be listed here, sorted by when you downloaded it. Tap the play button on the thumbnail of what you want to watch and away. Sections are listed a little differently – they are encapsulated under a single label, and pressing it shows all the sections you have downloaded for that series, grouped by season. You can also find these titles through regular searching and browsing. You know something is available for offline viewing if you see a smartphone icon where the download button is usually located.

How much space do I need?

The amount of storage space that each title eats is mostly based on video length and resolution, and with other variables that play into the equation – the biggest is your quality setting – this number can vary greatly.

We downloaded three movies of the same length and resolution – some of the Star Wars movies, which clock in at just over two hours each – to see how each of the options affects the file size. The empire strikes back at standard quality was 0.92 GB for a 2-hour, 7-minute drive, while A new hope on medium, 1.4 GB is needed for 2 hours and 4 minutes. It is a modest hope compared to The return of the Jedi at high quality, which needed 5.5 GB for 2 hours and 14 minutes. For shows, a 39-minute episode of Mandalorian high quality takes 1.5 GB, but only 270 MB on standard and 424 MB on medium. Finally, in a 3-hour, one-minute drive, The Avengers: End Game need a full 7.1 GB.

Using the data above, you can calculate an approximate estimate of how much space you need to store everything you want. You can mix and match by adjusting your quality setting before starting the download. Now would also be a great time to set up if you need a Wi-Fi connection to download content, an option that those with limited data should really consider. Disney + only enables Wi-Fi downloads by default.

What is available?

Disney + web interface

As explained above, everything in the Disney + directory can be downloaded for offline consumption. Whether it’s a whole season of Darkwing Duck or every single movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if available on Disney + you can download it.

Unlike some other services, Disney + is pretty loose for restrictions. For starters, you can download a single title on up to 10 different devices at a time and you can download any of them as often as you like. The only thing Disney asks is that you connect to Disney + every 30 days.

How do I delete titles?

Eventually you want to create space for something new. Whether you want to delete a single title or a bunch at a time, Disney + makes the task wonderfully simple.

Step 1: Delete a single title

When you want to delete titles from your device, the process is much easier than downloading files. It actually only takes a few seconds to remove something from Disney +. First find your content by going to the download section. You can access the download area by tapping the second icon from the right in the app’s navigation bar. Find the movie you want to delete and click on the smartphone icon to the right of the title. Select Delete download and the title will escort itself directly from your smartphone’s storage. If you delete a few movies or programs, this is an easy way to do it.

Step 2: Delete all titles

Suppose you want to remove more than one at a time from Disney +. In this case, the platform delivers again. You have two quick options for mass deleting unwanted titles. In the same download section, you will notice an Edit button in the upper right corner. Click on it and you will see a lot of boxes appear next to all your titles. Touch a square to mark it for deletion. Using the Select All button at the top, where the Edit button used to be, you can select all the boxes in one go. Pressing it again will deselect these items. Once you say goodbye to the outgoing titles, tap the trash at the top right of the Disney + app.

If you’re looking for an even faster mass deletion solution, Disney + offers it. You can tap your profile icon at the bottom right and hit App settings> Delete all downloads. This option allows you to throw everything with one button – which gives more space for which new titles you want to download next.

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