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How to download video from your favorite streaming service

In the past few years a few years ago, downloaded movies and television programs were transferred from the computer to devices that iPods for viewing are in progress. But the vastness of streaming services means all the entertainment you ever want is at hand, provided you have a solid internet connection.

But what if you don't? Wi-Fi is not everywhere and dead zones are real. Ask someone whose commuting involves a tunnel. As you approach the end of a section and you stop using a buffer video, it is a hair dryer.

Thankfully, many streaming services now have the opportunity to download content for offline viewing . This means that you can finish this movie or TV season finale even when you enter the tunnel, drive over the plain or take you down to the sky.


You cannot download the entire Netflix directory to view offline, but you can get your fill of Netflix Originals. To find something, press Download icon () at the bottom of the screen> Find something / more to download.

If you already have something in mind, go to a movie or view a list and look for during the description. If it's a TV show, scroll down and look for next to the individual episodes you want. Tap it and your selection will be downloaded to your device; To see later, press the Downloads button () again on the main screen.

 Netflix Downloading

On Android devices, the interface is similar but lacks a dedicated download icon. You can find my downloads on the hamburger menu (). Here you can start playback, but also remove downloads selectively. Click on the pencil icon () at the top, select individual movies or TV episodes and junk them.

If storage is a problem, enter Netflix on Android for Standard video quality, which is downloaded faster and uses less space. Touch the hamburger menu ()> App Settings> Get Video Quality> Standard .

 Netflix for Android - App settings

App settings, also set up the Netflix app to just download via Wi-Fi, enable "smart downloads" so the app takes the next section when you are done, check internal memory to see how much space you have left and how much is currently used by Netflix videos, delete all downloads at once, and best of all, set download site: if you have external storage options as one SD card lets you tell Netflix to send downloads there. Playback is limited to the device that downloaded it; The app basically adds DRM to the file, locks it to the device where the app that downloaded it exists. Thus, you cannot switch cards with friends or even your own devices (like a computer).

Amazon Prime Video

Choose movies and video streaming on Amazon's Prime Video available via Amazon Prime for $ 119 per year or separately for $ 12.99 per month – can be downloaded to a phone or tablet running iOS, Android or Amazon's Fire OS. Please note that you must be a paying member to download; It doesn't work for Amazon members.

You will see a download button () on authorized videos in the Prime Video app on either iOS or Android. For a qualified TV program, you can download the entire season or click next to an individual episode.

 Amazon video downloader

When a download is complete, a download button appears in the app on iOS. Tap it to access all your downloaded videos. On Android, tap the hamburger menu () to find them.

If storage is a problem, go to Settings () on IOS> Streaming & Downloading> Download Quality and choose Good, Better or Best, which is described by how much space an hour of video uses . (Best is 1 hour with 0.9 GB of data and storage on IOS or 0.46GB on Android).

On Android, go to > Settings> Stream and Download> Download Quality . Android users get a Data Saver setting for really small, low versions. If you want to change it with each download, set it to "Always Ask" and you get a popup with each click on . Set it to just download on Wi-Fi to save your operator or phone cost.

 Amazon Prime Video Download Options

As for accessibility, there are limits, but you'll find most Prime Originals and everything that Amazon distributes easily to grab. Premium channel extensions like Showtime and Starz does not allow downloads (sorry, American Gods fans.)

Of course, Amazon is more than willing to rent or sell individual movies and show that it is not streaming on Prime. Apple iOS users have to buy or rent on Amazon.com via a web browser and then return to the app to watch (thus, Amazon does not need to lower Apple's purchase price). Note that Amazon normally displays the HD version, which can be more expensive and take up more space than SD. Click on "More purchase options" for SD. Press Library () on IOS to find purchases. On Android, use > Video Library.

YouTube Premium

Download videos from YouTube is a cottage industry entirely own. The vendors overflow PCMag all the time and hope to get a name in our YouTube download tutorial for YouTube. Although they do not explicitly violate YouTube's terms of service, such alternatives may prevent people from making money on YouTube (aka, their support).

 YouTube Premium - Download Being upside down and still getting YouTube video downloads, subscribing to $ 11.99 a month to YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red), which shrubs commercials, gives access to YouTube Originals (pro by pro), YouTube Music, and allows video downloads. You can try it for free for a full month, all through the YouTube app. (The buyer beware: the cost is $ 15.99 per month if you set up Premium via the app on the iOS; it is Google that charges you extra and sends the Apple tax to the customers.)

Once you have subscribed, the app will show a Premium Logo. Click on the Save icon () on a video on your iOS or Android phone or tablet and select your video quality: Medium (360p video) or High (720p) – as a low option (144p). Take a whole playlist if you want. The icon turns blue when the download is complete. Open them from the Library tab under Downloads.

Of course, YouTube limits premium playback to a device that is logged into the same account. Downloads disappear after 30 days. After the free trial, you will only see the download button when you subscribe. Once you have only dropped to 5 percent or less on one device, you won't be able to download videos with YouTube Premium until you clear some space.

Downloads work for all YouTube originals. None of these shows are exactly household names but it may be because you are not under 18 years of age. It's also likely to change when new shows from big names like Jordan Peele make their debut.

As for the rest of the video on YouTube, whether you can download it, the uploader / owner's own discretion is. But with 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, you can surely find something to download and watch.

 YouTube Originals


Hulu-owned by a conglomerate of television network owners, including Disney-actually promised long ago that the download options came to service. But so far nothing. Chances are that downloads will occur sometime in 2019. If there is no other reason than Hulu, who has seen quite a fantastic growth too late, it seems determined to take Netflix on a big road. It started with a shot over the arc by lowering the price of its base level, just as Netflix announced an increase.

Purchases: iTunes and Google Play

As with the Amazon above, if you buy or rent a movie or TV show on a service, you usually get the right to download it to your mobile device. The primary ways to do this remain as they have had in the age of the year (in the Internet year): the iTunes Store on the iPhone or iPad and the Google Play Store on Android devices.

 iTunes buys Bohemian Rhapsody Apple fans can shop on the desktop with the downloadable iTunes software for Windows or MacOS. Purchases or rentals can then be transferred to an iOS device on the account. The iTunes Store is also an app included in each iOS device. Apple has such deep agreements with studios that it will allow pre-orders for girls who just arrive at theaters.

Apple, like Amazon, also usually shows the HD prize. Browse to the bottom of a list to see if it is "Also available in SD."

Hold tabs on the download process via the purchased section (opens via the More button ().) When you are ready to watch, push up Apple's TV app (available on iOS 10.2+ devices).

On Android Units are purchased from the Google Play Store in the Play Movies & TV app, via the library. Media that is not downloaded will have a round download button (). Click it, if you want an HD or SD version and download for offline view.

When the download button is turned to a check mark, press it again to remove the video clip from the device.You will be warned that you are going to watch it in the future, you need to be online. can simply download it again.

 Google Play - download

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