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How to enable dark mode in Google Feed on Android «Android :: Gadget Hacks

The Google feed is a good source for relevant news articles from your search history, package delivery updates, and more. Now known as the "Discover" page, many Android users turn to this useful menu daily. But as Google recently pointed out, the all-white theme is not ideal for battery life, nor is it easy on the night at night.

OLED panels are costly and difficult to manufacture, but each pixel can give away its own light source, effectively turn off the unused pixels when not needed. This not only makes darker colors deeper on the display, but the battery life is much better because of how the monitor works at a pixel level. Because of this, Google works with a dark theme for all its core programs, and with this guide, I show you how to enable it in the Google feed.

Method 1
: Enable dark mode in Google Feed on non-pixel phones

Dark mode is currently only available on the Google Feed ("Discover" page) built into some stock launchers. Since most phones do not have Google Feed integrated into their home device, the first thing you need to do is if you use a non-pixel device to download Pixel launcher.

We have a guide to help you get the latest Pixel launcher on any phone, then check out the link below and then select backup after the jump.

Now you need to activate the dark theme in Pixel launcher. This happens automatically if you change your background image to a dark static image (most live wallpapers don't work here, so make sure it's a still image). Do this by long pressing any blank space on your home screen and then selecting "Wallpaper". Google contains several wallpapers with Pixel launcher, so even if you don't have a dark picture-handy you will find one here. Make sure you select "Home Screen" or "Both" (rather than "Lock Screen") if prompted.

After setting a dark wallpaper, swipe over to the screen to the left and you will notice the Google Feed is now dark! Unfortunately, the dark theme applies only to this main interface, not to other submenus or to any of the articles you open from the flow.

Pixel launcher with dark mode enabled (left, center), including Google Feed (right).

If you notice that the dark theme has still not kicked in, we have some bad news: Google makes a served page launch of this feature and your account must be one of the few who do not "I The rollout seems to be almost finished, but then check again if the coming weeks have been reversed.

Method 2: Enable dark mode in Google Feed on pixels

If you have a Pixel phone, it is much easier to activate the dark theme in Google Feed. You actually have three options here.

First, you can easily set a dark background image, which will change the launcher to its dark theme (also note that the background on the applet changes to dark gray Secondly, you can manually activate the same theme with the background image by going to Settings -> View -> Advanced and then setting "Device Theme" to "Dark." Finally, you can enable the entire system by going to Settings -> System -> Developer Options -> Night Mode and selecting "Always On."

(1) Sets a dark wallpaper. (2) Enables the dark device theme. (3) Activate night mode.

Once you've done that, swipe over to your left home screen. You will now notice that Google Feed (aka, Discover page) is dark gray. Again, this only applies to the main menu, not to any submenus or items that you can open. And there is a small chance that you will not see the dark theme yet, because Google's staged expansion of the feature. It appears that the rollout is almost complete, so we expect everyone to have a dark position in the Google feed at the end of January 2019.

Pixel launcher with dark mode enabled (left, center), including Google Feed right).

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Cover image and screenshots of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

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