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How to filter out offensive comments on Instagram

Block offensive comments on Instagram
Shubham Agarwal

If you have a public Instagram profile, chances are you have fallen victim to inappropriate comments from strangers. Given the large size of the social network, it is practically impossible to escape such bad actors. Thankfully, Instagram offers a set of tools that let you block offensive comments.

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device and then navigate to your profile tab by tapping your photo in the lower right corner.

Visit the profile tab in the Instagram app

Press the hamburger button in the upper right corner to access the side menu and then go to Settings> Privacy.

Settings for the Instagram profile profile menu

Select “Comments”

; under the “Interactions” section.

Visit the comment control menu on the Instagram app

To prevent offensive comments, you need the tools available under “Filter”.

Once you’ve enabled the first “Hide Offensive Comments” option, Instagram will automatically try to detect spam or inappropriate comments before they reach you and block them using an AI-based filter. In addition to the comment section for your posts, this setting also applies to responses you can get from your stories and your live video chat stream.

Hide offensive comments on Instagram

Instagram’s solution will not be effective every time and some offensive comments may still slip through the cracks. But as the algorithm behind it constantly continues to learn based on what you and other users’ flag is, it will likely get better over time.

The second “Manual Filter” option, as the name implies, allows you to select the words or phrases that qualify as offensive. If Instagram detects a comment that contains any of them, the social network censors it.

When you enable the manual filter, Instagram reveals a text field where you must enter these words. If you plan to add more than one, do not forget to separate them with a comma.

Manually filter out offensive comments on Instagram

This feature is also available on the Instagram website. Click on my thumbnail of your profile picture at the top right of the website and then navigate to Settings> Privacy and settings> Edit comment settings.

Filter offensive comments on the Instagram site

When a comment matches any of these filters, it will not be visible to anyone except the person who left it.

Under “Manual filter” on your phone, you will also find a third previously hidden option called “Filter most reported words.” Enabling this will match the words and phrases that are often found in the comments you report to Instagram as abusive or spammy.

To report an Instagram comment, tap a comment once to highlight it, then select the “Exclamation Mark” button in the top menu bar.

Report a comment on Instagram

Select “Report this comment” and select the reason why you are reporting it.

Report offensive comments on Instagram

While these comment filtering options are not without their flaws, together they can drastically reduce the number of offensive comments that land on your photos and videos.

If there is a particular user who regularly releases an inappropriate comment, you can also consider blocking them or specifically choosing who is allowed to leave a comment on your posts.

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