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How To Find Temporarily Free Apps And Games In The Google Play Store «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Software takes time to create, and time is money, so many great apps are not free. But to generate interest, some developers will make their paid apps for free for a limited time. The potential for a long-term increase in daily active users compensates more than lost revenue in the short term. So for us end users, the trick is to know when these sales are going on.

There is an app in the Play Store that solves this problem. It searches the Play Store and looks for all paid apps that are currently discounted for free (like in $ 0.00) and then easily lists them in the app. Even better, if you are interested in knowing when a particular app is sold, it can give you a warning notice so you never miss again.

Step 1
: Install AppsFree

The app that makes it easy to find temporarily free software is called Appropriate AppsFree. You can install it from the Play Store by opening the following link on your Android smartphone or in which desktop browser you are logged in with your primary Google account.

Step 2: Browse offers

On the main page of the app there is a list of all currently discounted apps and games. The lists include the app’s name, the developer, the original price, how long the sale is, the app’s current rating and the number of downloads.

You can filter the list of apps with the button in the upper right corner. Here you can set a minimum rating to show only apps with good reviews, or you can exclude apps in certain categories. You can even filter out certain keywords to make your AppsFree feed more relevant to you.

In addition, you can remove apps you already own from the feed or just ax those you are not interested in. Drag the main page either left or right in an app list. The app will be removed from the list and will not appear again, even if the developer sells the app again.

You can find the apps you have rejected by opening the page menu (select the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and select “Rejected apps.”

Step 3: Get alerts when certain apps are sold (optional)

If you do not open this app every day, it is likely that you will miss some offers. Instead, you can choose to be warned about sales you may be interested in.

Select the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select “Messages”. A popup will appear with a list of different genres for apps and games. The standard list of “Hot Apps” contains popular apps and games that are currently for sale. Select the category of apps and games you want to be warned about and select “OK”.

When an app under this category is temporarily free, you will receive a notification. Tap this alert to open the Play Store list where you can install it for free.

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