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How to Find Your Lost AirPods

AirPods provide durable, truly wireless sound for all your Bluetooth devices, but they are also small sticks that sit in your ears – which means that accidents can happen. Many people feel the sensation of reaching up and suddenly realize that they only have one AirPod left in their ears, and no idea what is happening to the other.

If a quick search in the area does not reveal the missing AirPod, do not panic! Apple has a service designed just for these times. We show you exactly what to do to find your missing AirPod or AirPod Pro.

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Step 1: Open the Find min app

The latest versions of iOS have a built-in app called Find My, which is a combination of the older Find My Phone app and some other services, including one that lets you track your AirPods. Start by opening Find my app. Log in with your Apple ID, if needed.

You can also access your browser and go to iCloud.com to find the web version of the service, but Find My is easier to use and helps you stay mobile as you continue your search, so we recommend that option.

If you have never used Find My before for any device, there is a chance that it may not help you find your AirPods. If you get a new Apple device, it’s a good idea to log in to Find My to make sure it shows up!

Step 2: Find your AirPods on the map

The Find My screen should display a map and a tool window by default people. Select Devices instead, a list will appear for all your logged in devices and where they are.

Look at the icons on the map and look for the AirPods icon. The map is not always accurate, but it may be enough to make you realize where you left an AirPod so you can find it. This can be useful if you dropped your AirPod on a commute, for example, or if you are not sure if you left one at the gym or at work. If the map does not help, find your AirPods in the list of devices and select for more options.

What happens if your AirPod battery is completely discharged? The map may not be very helpful, but it can show the last place your AirPods were discovered, which is a good starting point for finding them again.

Step 3: Play a clock to find the missing AirPod

With AirPods selected, you see new options including one that says Game sound. This will make the unattended AirPods chime if they are not in your case. Before you begin, make sure you are not still carrying your second AirPod (clock may be high), and then select Game sound and wait a moment.

Your AirPod should now start beeping with increasing volume for about two minutes. This should allow you to find where you left it around the house. Once you have found the AirPod, you can choose Stop the sound to end the game. You will also see an option to switch sounds between either AirPod depending on what you have lost, or if you have lost both in different places.

Website Note: At this point, a certain number of people will soon discover that their dog ate their AirPod. If so, do not panic, just call your veterinarian. For large dogs, the AirPod will probably pass naturally without much trouble. It is unlikely to work again, but there are reports that AirPods have been swallowed, pooped out and remained functional in the past. If a small dog ate an AirPod, you may need to take additional steps, and your veterinarian can help you here.

When AirPods are in your case

You will notice that there is no option to play a sound to find your AirPods case, only AirPods themselves. You can not make the case chime, there is no audio function on it. However, you may still be able to use the map to find the location of the case if you have lost it.

Also, if your AirPods are Inside the charging case and the case itself are lost, then you probably can not make AirPods the watch itself, either: The Create a sound the function just says “Waiting” instead of working. Unfortunately, you will not be able to get more information about the exact location of the case, so it’s time to play detective.

Replace AirPods

If the worst happens, you will not be able to find your missing AirPod, otherwise you will find that it is beyond help. The question that all AirPod owners then have is: “Can I just replace one AirPod?”

The answer is yes! Apple offers AirPod repair and replacement services, with a variety of packages available. A standard AirPod – provided you do not have a warranty – costs $ 69 to replace. An AirPod Pro costs $ 89 to replace. This is expensive but cheaper than replacing both AirPods, then it is probably better to think about getting a new set of AirPods completely. If you have a warranty, the price goes down to only $ 30 to replace an AirPod of any of the models.

Apple has to take care of this replacement itself, so call your nearest Apple Store and let them know what you think so they can begin the process.

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