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How to get a refund from Apple App Store

No matter how much research you do, there is always a chance to get something that does not work as advertised. That's when you're likely to need a refund, and even if Apple does not advertise this, you can actually get a refund from the App Store.

While Apple can not do a big deal about it, getting a refund from the App Store is not only possible, it's quite easy to do. Whether you request a refund for a purchase in the app or app, the process is the same. It is worth remembering that even if repayments are possible, there is no way to get a free trial. Apple still has no trials for apps, and it's likely that Apple will pin down if it's the route you're taking. However, if you purchased an app that simply does not work or break in any way, it is possible to repay.

You can request a refund from the App Store in two ways: via Apple's website or using iTunes. It is safe to say that nobody likes to bet on iTunes right now, so we will focus on the web here. It's easier, faster and does not mean we'll go back in time either.

Let's get started. To start the process, open a browser and proceed to Apple's "report a problem" page. This works on mobile and desktops.

When the webpage has been loaded, you must log in with your Apple ID username and password (and 2FA code if this is the first time you log in from the specific browser). Enter them and click the arrow to complete the process.

When you're signed in, you can see every app you've downloaded, even if they were free. Apps will be mixed with other available content from Apple, so if you just need to see your downloaded apps, click the "Apps" tab at the top of the page.

After identifying the app for which you want a refund, click the "Report a Problem" button next to it.

At this time a new drop down menu will be displayed. Select the reason for requesting a refund. There are several options to choose from:

  • I did not approve this purchase (this selection asks you to contact iTunes Store support)
  • I did not mean to buy this item (or do not mean to renew a subscription) [19659010] I meant to buy another item
  • The app fails to load or not downloaded (this selection asks you to contact the developer)
  • The app does not work or does not behave as expected (this selection also encourages you to contact the developer )

You'll see a few different options if it's a subscription rather than a one-time purchase. If you indicate that you have purchased the app by mistake or purchased the wrong app, the option will be described to describe the problem below. Enter a brief explanation of your refund request and click the "Submit" button.

At this moment, it is a waiting game. Apple will send you an email within a few hours and at most days, confirming that your refund will be processed. Depending on how you funded your purchase, it may take longer to get your money back.

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