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How to get Android 11’s new media controls for all phones «Android :: Gadgethacks

In Android 11, the music player’s controls have been moved from the messaging box to Quick Settings. The change frees up space for the new Call notification section. It also adds media output controls, making it possible to switch from the phone speakers to a Bluetooth device with just two taps.

When your device gets Android 11 is completely dependent on your OEM. While Pixel users will get it one day, everyone else will have to wait at least a few time. Even Samsung and OnePlus users, who have received fairly quick updates recently, may want to try it now to get a feel for the change. Either way, you can use the new Android 1

1 media controls right now with a free app.

Step 1: Install Power Shade

The Power Shade app by Trey Dev gives you the new media settings for quick settings. It’s a great app – there’s really no reason for you should not have it already installed. But if you do not, you can find it by opening the link below on your smartphone.

Step 2: Activate the accessibility service

Once the installation is installed, open the app and press “Accessibility” and then go to a system setup menu. Select “Power Shade” here, then activate the selector on the next screen and finally press “Allow” to activate the app’s accessibility service.

Step 3: Activate the notification service

Press the back button to return to the Power Shade app. Now click on “Message” to toggle and you will be taken to another screen for system settings. Activate the switch here next to “Power Shade” and then press “Allow” on the prompt. Press the back button again to return to the app.

Step 4: Make sure Media Player integration is enabled

Right now you’re done. The feature should be enabled by default, but if it is not, tap “Extras” from the app’s main menu. Here you scroll down until you see “Integrate media player in quick settings” switch. Activate it and then tap the “Run” button from and from the app’s main screen to activate the change.

Step 5: Try the new feature

Now open your favorite music app and play a song. Drag down the status bar once to reveal a mini version of the quick settings. Right below are the new media controls. You will be able to play, pause and skip tracks from this mini view and you can tap the media control UI to open your music app.

In the upper right corner of the controls you will see a new button (probably labeled “Phone Speaker”) where you can select a new device to stream music to. Drag down a second time on the status bar to display the extended view, which retains all the same controls as the mini version but adds similar and disapproving buttons (if your music app has them) and a progress bar that you can use to scrub through the song.

Unlike Android 11, the media controls will remain in the messaging section of the lock screen, making it easier to access (on Android 11 it is always in Quick Settings, adding an extra swipe for access). If you use multiple streaming services, you can swipe left and right on the tablet to switch between the media controls of the different apps.

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