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How to get notifications only for messages tagged on your iPhone «iOS and iPhone :: Gadget hack

Group chats, especially those with many active participants, can bombard your iPhone with hundreds of texts in a single day. It can be overwhelmingly fast if you do not take precautions to hide all messages for that conversation. But there is another option now, one that ensures that you only get alerts for the messages that are most important to you in the thread.

In iOS 14, Apple mentioned mentions in group iMessage chats in the Messages app. So if you want to make sure someone sees your message in a group conversation, tag them. Their messages say you tagged them, and they can jump directly to the message from them. But that does not stop the sometimes constant barrage of incoming warnings when the group becomes particularly feisty.

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7;s why you can continue to hide warnings for the entire thread – just with an extra setting that ensures you get a message when you are mentioned.

Step 1: Check that the setting is activated

Chances are good that you can skip this step completely because the feature is enabled by default. But only if you might want to double-check the settings for your Messages app. In Settings, tap “Messages” and then make sure the “Notify me” switch is activated during Mention. Whether a thread is off or not, you get alerts when they are tagged.

Step 2: Turn off your group conversations

Now you can go into the most disruptive iMessage group conversations in Messages and turn them off, and there are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Open a message thread, tap the group photo or group name to expand your options, tap “info” and toggle the “Hide alerts” switch (see below).
  • Swipe left in the Messages list on a thread, then tap the crossed-out clock icon.
  • In the message list, long press on a thread and then select “Hide alerts” from the quick actions.

Do this for as many group conversations as needed.

Step 3: Receive notifications only when mentioned

If your conversation is silent, but you have “Notify me” enabled, you will still receive notifications – but only if your name is tagged in the thread using the new boards feature. The alerts show that you were tagged, the content of the text, the person who tagged you, and either the other group chat participants group name.

When you open the conversation from the alert, you jump directly to that message in the thread. Your name will also be highlighted in blue when tagged so that you can more easily detect these messages.

Suppose you have Do Not Disturb or have notifications for messages disabled. You will not receive the warning in these cases. Said messages only work if the conversation is silent or silent, so any other attempt to disable alerts will also disable tagged notifications.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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