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How to grab the attention of your readers? Choose the best font


Many a time we write blogs, articles, and other materials but people tend to dismiss it because of poor readability. This is a common challenge that faces many people and designers. Well, the font that you use in your work will capture the attention of the readers. It keeps the reader’s’ attention on your content. A good typeface will make them focus on the message that you want to relay instead of focusing on other things. Therefore, choosing the right font is an art that will allow your readers to recognize words and process the information in your content. Therefore creating a visual hierarchy is essential to make your work readable. You can do this by providing cues through the use of style, alignment, font size, and color. Therefore how do you choose the best font?

Consider the font size.

Verdana with a font size of 1

0, Arial (10), comic (14) are the most preferred fonts because it makes the text more readable. Most people go for the looks when choosing the fonts, but that should not be the case. There should be a balance between usefulness and expressiveness. Therefore as far as legibility matters courier is the most legible with a font size of 14 and Tahoma with a font size of 10.

Serif vs San serifs

There has always been a debate about which among these fonts are readable. Well, when it comes to web content, San serif is the best choice because they are easier to read on PC screens because they have less visual complexity. The person can easily focus on the message than the characters. Additionally, it is also legible in smaller sizes and its simplistic form. On the other hand, the serifs cause visual dissonance because if it’s low resolution hence distracting the readers from getting the message.

Therefore to be on the safe side, use the serif font for the headlines and San serifs for the body.

Consider the cognitive performance and mood of the readers.

Fonts are among the leading elements that have a significant role in engaging aesthetic communication. Therefore consider choosing a typeface that will enhance the mood of the readers, so they stick on your content. They elicit emotional responses, which make readers desire to read the content until the end. It is important to know that legibility focus on the identity of individual characters while readability looks at the layout of the whole text. When you have the right font, you will have the right readers.

The following are some easy to read fonts.

Fancy fonts download give a varied selection of some of the best fonts which can be read easily.


It was created with low resolution; hence, it is more streamlined and easy to read. It is a serif font that has extra details; hence, you can consider it for web content.


This is also a great choice when it comes to readability. It was designed for a computer screen, just like Georgia. If you are using large blocks of text in your content, then it is a perfect choice.


This is among the most rated fonts that are more readable. It is a modern classic San serif font that can capture the attention of your readers.


It is an old-style but classical typeface that is highly readable. It has a function and aesthetic qualities that will enhance the readability of your content.

Tips to make your text Readable and legible

The following are some tips that can help you capture the attention of your readers by making your content more readable.

-Pick a font with an average height

-Ensure you use large counters to make the characters more distinct.

-Use simple letter types. For instance, serifs are easier to read on printed texts while San serif a are great for web content

-Avoid excessive use of Caps

-Letter and line spacing are equally important to enhance readability.

-Use the right font size on your titles and the body to make them distinguishable for easy Reading


Choosing the right font is all you need to capture the attention of your readers. Most people love content that are easy to read, and they can’t strain to get the message behind. Therefore, before you start writing your work, the guidelines that I have provided In this article will help you to meet the needs of your readers. Therefore, make a smart choice.