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How to hide all apps from your iPhone’s home screen in iOS 14 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

It’s not hard to let your iPhone’s home screen get messy. Apps are stacked one after the other, and even if you do not use every app every single day, you can not really differ from even the one-time apps you have collected over the years. But you can apply the KonMari method on your home screen and get rid of apps you don’t love – without actually littering any of them.

With iOS 14, you can take advantage of the new app library, which frees you up to delete all the apps you want from the home screen. It’s cluttered on your home screen without having to be different from any of the apps you’ve collected over the years. You will find them all in the App Library, out of sight, out of mind.

To hide an app from your home screen in iOS 1

4, just long press on the app in question until you see the quick action menu appear and then select “Delete app”. Instead of deleting the app, you will see a new popup asking if you want to “Delete app” or “Move to the app library.” Select it later. If it’s an app that can’t be deleted, like Safari, you’ll only see the “Delete from home screen” option, so use it.

This feature is even better when you set it to work automatically for new downloads. Each time you install a new app, it will be placed in the App Library and not on your Home screen.

If you are planning to hide lots of apps and do not feel like hiding them all one by one, there is an easier way. Just move all the apps you plan to hide to one or two home screen pages, and then use iOS 14’s other new feature that lets you hide entire home screen pages. The apps will still be available in the App Library, and you can always view the pages and get all your apps back on the home screen for a while.

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