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How to install and use third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

iPhone users using a third-party keyboard
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7;t know, there’s a whole width of third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad. Everything from GIFs, to emoji suggestions, even Google search can be added to your device. How to install and use third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad.

Since this is a system functionality, the process of installing a keyboard on iPhone and iPad is not as simple as just installing the app. In fact, it’s a bit complicated.

Before we get there, you need to start by downloading a third-party keyboard from the App Store. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Gboard: A current Google all-round keyboard. All the features you can think of are probably in the Gboard app. You get GIF search, Google Translate, themes, gesture typing and a Google search function right on the keyboard.
  • Microsoft Swiftykey Keyboard: A solid alternative to Gboard, especially when it comes to auto suggestions. The adaptation and gesture type is not bad either.
  • GIF keyboard: If you do not want to use GIPHY, GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the best option for sending GIF directly from your keyboard.

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How to install third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

Now that you’ve downloaded the keyboard app from the App Store, let’s start the installation process. You do not need to open the app for this. Instead, go to the “Settings” app. Click on the “General” option here.

In the Settings app, tap General

Now select the “Keyboard” option.

Touch Keyboard in general

Click here on the “Keyboard” button.

Touch Keyboard in the Keyboard section

You see all the keyboards you have installed (including keyboards for different languages ​​and Emojis). Pull down and press the “Add New Keyboard” button.

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Click Add New Keyboard

Now you see a long list of languages ​​at the top. Scroll all the way until you see the Third Party Keyboard section. Select the keyboard app that you downloaded.

Select the keyboard you want to add

You will now return to the Keyboard screen and you will see that the new keyboard has been installed and activated.

But we are not clear. To use features such as GIF search, you must allow full access to the keyboard. Select the newly installed third-party keyboard from the list of keyboards.

Click the keyboard you added

From the next screen, press the selector next to “Allow full access.”

Click to toggle next to Allow full access

Click the “Allow” button from the popup to confirm.

Click Allow from popup

And now your keyboard is finally ready to go.

How to use third-party keyboards on iPhone and iPad

You can install multiple third-party keyboards on your iPhone or iPad and easily switch between them with the Globe key on the virtual keyboard. You may know this if you have used the Emoji keyboard.

Pressing the Globe key switches to the next keyboard on the list. But if you want to switch to a particular keyboard, press and hold the “Globe” key. You will see a list of all available keyboards. Select the keyboard you just installed. In our case it was Gboard.

Touch the Globe icon to switch to the new keyboard

Immediately switch to the new keyboard.

Gboard keyboard enabled on iPhone

You can now use your new third-party keyboard and enjoy all the features you can’t access on the standard keyboard on your iPhone and iPad.

Speaking of the standard keyboard on the iPhone, it has an advantage over third-party keyboards. You can use many hidden text editing gestures to quickly select, copy and paste text.

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