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How to keep the lawn during the summer

The health of your lawn is determined by your watering and cutting techniques. Too much water can, for example, make the grass yellow and cutting too low can make your lawn brown.

Although there are many different types of grass, they all have similar guidelines for lawns during the summer. Here's what you need to know to keep the lawn green even if your thumb is not.

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How to prepare your lawnmower for the season


Make your own mulch

When digging your lawn, it is important that the lawn does not end up in lumps that can smother the lawn. If you want to get the most out of your mowers, check out to get a mulching lawn mower . These lawn mowers cut the grass clippings into small pieces that go together with the lawn and become a healthy mulch for your yard. Mulch sheds moisture in the soil and holds the grass cooler. When disintegrated, it also acts as a natural fertilizer.

If you are not looking for a new lawn mower, you can still make mulch with a regular bagless lawn mower. After cutting, allow the rocks to dry slightly and over again with the mower. This will cut the grass clippings into finer clippings for mulch.

Cut Carefully

If you are the type who believes that a perfect lawn is 1 to 2 inches tall, you need to rethink your cutting plans this summer. The ideal height is actually around 4 inches. The longer blade length helps peat to retain more water and causes the grass to grow deeper roots.

Also make sure your lawn mowers are tightened at the beginning of the season. With boring leaves, you will end up with cheeky grasslands that make your lawn unhealthy and can kill it in the end.

Not sure they need sharpening? If grass blades have ripped ends after a cut, the blades are boring. You can make your local lawnmower sharpen your knives, or you can do it yourself with these tips .

Give your lawn time to recover

When you also dig things. Mowing in the middle of the day can lead to burning and brown spots. Wait until the evening so that the grass blades have time to recover overnight before they turn on with intense heat and sunlight again.

Water right

Many people overwater, which can lead to full yellow grass. In most places, grass only needs 1 inch of water per week to be healthy, and it may include precipitation.

To make sure your grass gets enough water, do the foot test . Go over your lawn and look down behind you. If the grass blades do not appear after you step on them, it is time to water. If they come back in place, your grass is well watered.

Like when you cut your grass, when you are water important too. The best time to water is in the evening, when it starts to cool out. This prevents the water from evaporating in the hot sun before the lawn and soil can drink. Here are some more water tips for the perfect lawn .

Do you want to make the water easier for your lawn? Here is the CNET guide to creating your own automated grass irrigation system .

Originally published July 10, 2018.
Update March 20, 2019 : Published for the spring of 2019.

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