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How to Limit the Child's TikTok Usage on their iPhone «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Open TikTok, and you can find yourself spending hours watching videos by video. While each video is usually quite short, it is very possible to binge-watch hundreds at a time. Creating your own is even more fun. But as a parent, you may not want your children to fall into the same trap and it's easy to limit how much time they spend on watching TikTok videos on their iPhone.

The easiest thing to do is just remove the child's iPhone, but it's not an ideal solution if they use it to stay in touch, do homework and other important tasks. This is where Screen Time comes in, the iOS 1

2's built-in resource for monitoring and limiting how much time users spend on their iOS devices. You can block the use of some apps in the Restrictions menu, but the creativity that TikTok encourages is enough to just limit the time.

Depending on how you create your child's iPhone, there will be three ways to limit the app's use with screen time. First, you do it directly on the device your child uses. Second and third, do this through family divorce, if you are established as organizer, parent or guardian of your child, whether they are 5 or 17 years old.

Method 1: Add TikTok Limits Directly [19659006] On iPhone that you want to restrict the TikTok usage to, open the Settings app and then tap "Screen Time." You may have to activate screen time first if you do not already have it. Then tap the iPhone name. Use either the tab today or Last 7 days scroll down and tap "TikTok." If you have only enabled screen time, TikTok must be used a bit first to show up here.

After selecting TikTok, you can see how much the app is used for that day or week. At the bottom, press "Add limit" to set the time limit for the app. You can choose between 1 minute and 23 hours and 59 minutes and you can also customize the time limits for each day of the week, which is a useful feature if you want to give your children longer access to TikTok on weekends or other days than school.

Turn "Add" to the top right, and the time limit is now set. You can view the set time limits back on the device's usage page or via the "Time limits" menu when you first open "Screen Time" from Settings. If you have already set deadlines for other apps, you can also bypass the above setting by instead pressing the boundaries of that app or programs, selecting "Edit Apps", checking "TapTok" and pressing "Add".

But you're not done yet. If you can easily add a time limit for TikTok, your child can just as easily take it off, which is why you have to password protect all changes in screen time.

On the main screen time page, tap "Use Screen Time Passcode," and enter a four-digit password. No one without the password will be able to make changes in screen time. To change the password (if your child calculates it) or turn it off, tap "Change screen time password" and select the appropriate action.

Method 2: Limit Distance When First Setting Screen Time Up

This method is similar to the first, except that you set screen time for your child's iPhone from your iPhone. Open your setup app and then click "screen time". If you have never created family sharing before, press "Configure Family Screen Time". If you already have a child set up, select your child's name in the Family section and then "Turn on Screen Time".

If you just add a child to take advantage of Family Sharing services, either sign in to your child's existing Apple ID or create one for them if they don't already have one. Children must be under the age of 18 to manage their screen time settings. While children 13 to 17 can create Apple ID accounts, children 12 and under must have their accounts created by you, the organizer, parent or guardian.

After adding a child, you create a child account or choose "Continue" if you are already have a child set up in your family department account you see Downtime ] installation screen. Downstairs you can limit all programs and features (except calls, messages and other apps you allow). If you just want to limit some programs, select "Not Now" to open App Bounds page.

While you can't choose a specific app here you can choose their category. For TikTok it would be "creativity". Then tap "Enter" next to Time lapse to choose how much time your child can use an app marked as an app Creativity every day. You can also skip this moment if you want to wait and see how much time your child actually spends on TikTok, when enough time has elapsed to calculate it.

After setting or bypassing the App Limit ] screen, tap "Continue" on the screen Content and Privacy and you will need to enter a Parental Pass Number which will be the screen time code to access App boundaries and so on both your device and the child's device. Enter the password again and screen time is set for your child.

If you set app boundaries for Creativity it applies to TikTok, but if you skip this step, see the next method to select TikTok specifically.

Method 3: Restrict remotely when the screen is already set

In the "Screen Time" menu in Settings, see the Family section where your child's name will be listed. Tap it and then tap your child's name. If TikTok has been used that day or at any time during the last week you will see it listed under the section Most Used .

Then you would repeat the process from Method 1, where you tap "TapTok" and then "Add Limit". Set the time and days and then click "Add". Check out method 1 for more information.

Regardless of which method you chose, after the time limit is up on your child's iPhone, they receive time limit warning that they have reached their limit. From there, they can choose "Ask for more time", which allows them to enter the password for screen time or, if you are a parent account, send a request to give them more time.

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