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How to make a group chat on Snapchat

Our smartphones help keep us connected to our friends and family all over the world. But since nothing beats a good party, you're probably wondering if there is a way you can add a bunch of your friends or family to a group to communicate together to share stories, laughter and good times.

Fortunately, you're in luck. Read on, and we will discuss how you can easily create group chats with all your friends in one place with Snapchat.

How to create a group chat

  How to create a group chat on Snapchat

To create a group chat, go to the Friend screen by touching the dictionary icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then click on the icon New Chat at the top right of the screen. This icon looks like a word bubble too, but has a plus sign next to it. From there, go through the friends list that pops up and tap the names you want to add to the chat. When you're done, tap Chat .

How to run group chat

Once your group chat is created, you can customize it and change how members interact. First, click the pen icon at the top of the screen and name your chat. To go beyond captioning and sending snaps, tap the phone or video icon to start an audio or visual chat.

  how to play games in group chat on snapchat

You can also play games in your group chat. To start things, tap the rocket icon next to the chat and select a game from the list that pops up. Each game lets you know how many players can play in the lower left corner of the icon. For example, one to 30 people can play Tiny Royal .

If someone gets messy, you can delete messages by pressing your finger on the message. A menu pops up on the screen, allowing you to save, copy or delete the message.

How to add more people

If you need to add more friends to your chat, go to Friends screen and hold down the group chat name. Select More from 19459009 from the pop-up menu, then press Add members to the group . Select friends from the list to end.

How to leave a group chat

If you want to leave the chat, you can without destroying everyone else's fun. Go to Friend screen and hold down on group chat. A menu pops up. Select More from the menu and press Leave Group . When you leave, all chats you sent will be deleted, even if someone saved them.

If you are not ready to leave, but all messages are annoying, go to the same menu and select Message message from the options instead of Leave Group . Then select Silent .

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