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How to make and answer calls on an iPad

Calling and answering calls on your iPad is a little known feature that can be quite amazing in use, and all you need is to get your tablet and your iPhone close to each other. Thanks to the magical Apple Continuity features, handling calls on an iPad is one of the features you can forget to exist, but it may be useful if you already have your tablet in front of you.

Before You Begin

If you want to use your iPad as a large phone, you must have a few prerequisites unchecked before you begin. You must have an iPhone and iPad that are:

  • Connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Log in to the same iCloud account in Settings.
  • Run iOS 8.1
    or later, which should not

If you assume all of these boxes are checked, let's move on.

How to Tell Your iPhone About Your iPad

To make your calls to and from your iPad, make sure your iPhone knows it's the plan. You just need to browse a pair of switches, and they are both easy to find. Start by opening the Settings app, then touch the "Phone" entry.

Next, touch "Call on other devices" and tap "Allow calls on other devices". This will reveal a list of devices logged in to your Apple ID. Make sure you enable which device you want to make or answer calls, like your iPad.

When done, you're ready to move on to your iPad.

To enable calls on your iPad

Now that your iPhone is set up, open the Settings app on your iPad and touch the "FaceTime" post.

Turn on the "Call from iPhone" button. It is likely that this setting is already enabled, but it is worth checking that it is safe.

Now you're making a call, you can answer your iPad by pressing the "Answer" button.

How To Call From Your iPad

To call from your iPad, first open the Contacts app (because there is no phone app). Then tap the name of the contact you want to call.

On the contact page, press the blue "call" button under their name. You can also tap the phone number you want to call.

That's all there is. Congratulations, you just turned your iPad to the world's largest phone.

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