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How to make your home on Airbnb

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If you plan to prepare your home for Airbnb (or VRBO or similar services) you may be wondering exactly where to start . How do you prepare for your guests? What will they expect? What changes will you have to make to the living room and how much does it cost?

We have answers. Welcome to our guide on what you need to "Airbnb" your home for future rentals and what you need to know about the requirements.

Tax and Fees Plan

How much does it cost to prepare and rent your Airbnb property? Before you begin the whole work, it is a good idea to measure the costs. Taxes are a good place to start: In general, you can rent your home for 1

4 days a year without having to report income. If you plan to rent more often than that – a common goal for Airbnb hosts, you need to report any income and pay taxes on it.

The other main costs of hosting for Airbnb can easily be divided into four parts:

Initial costs : This is the cost of all new things you need to buy to prepare your home. It can include a fire extinguisher, a fan, a smart doorbell and other things that we will cover later. It is important to have enough money on hand for these initial costs. Fortunately, you just need to buy these things once.

Service Charges : Airbnb charges a service fee of 3 percent which is basically a payment fee. There are then two levels of booking fees that you have to choose from. You can either pay $ 350 per year to use Airbnb as your rental or choose to pay 10 percent for each booking instead. The $ 350 option is best for those who expect frequent guests.

Supply Charges : These are ongoing charges for electricity, internet, toilet paper, supplementary food options and so on. You have to pay these when you go, but the costs are generally quite low, or things you should pay for anyway.

Maintenance fees : These are all additional costs for cleaning up

Understanding insurance policies and if you need more

Insurance for Airbnb rental is not the simplest topic, but it is important, So get ready to do some research. First, the good news: For all hosts in the US, Airbnb offers $ 1 million in liability insurance and $ 1 million in non-life insurance. It's a weight of yourself.

Now you should also call your home insurance agent or review your insurance papers and see what they have to say about renting. Home insurance and landlord insurance vary in how they cover the rent and how the rent is defined, so it is important to get some details. In some cases, you may need to upgrade to business insurance (the same type as hotels use for example), which will be more expensive than your home insurance. Don't worry, you can still use your home just as you normally would, even if it is covered by a business policy.

Finally, check your local regulations to see if there are any additional requirements. Often, cities like San Francisco and Austin have introduced their own short-term restrictions. You may need to register your home, pay extra taxes, carry additional insurance or other requirements before you can legally rent in your area.

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Create "Rules" and Guest Requirements

As a host, you have the opportunity to create what Airbnb calls "House Rules" that guests will look at your listing when deciding to rent. It is a good idea to also have a printed copy of the rules, so that the guests will be absolutely sure of what they are.

Frequently asked questions about house rules apply to smoking, eating, parties, borders outside the area, inviting additional guests over and other topics that may remind you to stay with a roommate … which is not a bad comparison to do. What kind of house rules do you want or need? What can you let guests know to make their stay easier (what to do with rubbish and laundry)? Try not to be too negative in your house rules, but set some fixed and simple boundaries.

Checking Your Basic Benefits and Supplies

There are basic benefits or amenities that each Airbnb rental should have. These include:

  • Wi-Fi
  • The ability to make coffee or tea
  • Basic kitchen utensils and basic ingredients such as sugar, salt etc.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Soap, shampoo and, if applicable, detergent
  • Clean towels
  • Possibly an ironing board and iron

You get the tank. Think about what a hotel room has if you get stuck. In addition to these expected items, you can also add some complementary benefits to help make the experience more enjoyable. Many of these are based on exactly what type of tenants you are targeting. You may want to include breakfast or snack products, maps for local attractions, personal recommendations for restaurants, sunscreen and so on. Keep in mind that people can have allergies, and that it is generally better to buy organic when possible.

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Spending time on sleeping arrangements

A guest's experience (and the ratings they will give you) largely depend on his sleeping experience in your home . Do what you can to make it amazing. The first step is of course a comfortable and robust mattress and clean sheets and pillows with extra sheets and pillows readily available.

If the bedroom gets a lot of light in the morning, you should consider installing thicker curtains or another "blackout" option so that guests can get the rest they need. If your place is a bit noisy, give earplugs or a white sound machine to help.

Choose the right decor

It is not often necessary to buy new furniture when you are ready for Airbnb. The exception is if your old seating is really unfortunate or unpleasant, in which case you may want to look for prey. If your living room is really rude and there isn't much seating at all, this is a great time to shop for handsome chairs, a futon or similar decor. Look for furniture that includes hidden storage options that make it easier to store things or clean up.

Next, consider your floor. Do you need carpets or rugs to help guests keep their shoes clean? Are you going to put sliding carpets in the bathroom if it gets smooth? There may be some carpets or floors you want to protect, so that they cover them with a carpet or carpet can be a smart decision.

Remember also to stop stains and prevent wear. Make sure your interior is protected against the feet if they slip around and get some nice covers for your sofas or other seating if you want to protect them as long as possible.

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Put the right security in place

First of all, make sure that there are no risks in your home, for example exposed lines or other clear security threats. Then consider what kind of security you need for your guests. Do you need to unlock any special personal valuables, or get a lock for a particular room / wardrobe to limit the access? This is the time to do it.

You should also create an access system for the guests. It may mean that you copy keys to the entrance or choose a high-tech alternative as a smart door lock that can provide temporary passages for the guests while they stay there.

Make sure your smoke detectors are working and updating. You may also want to include outdoor seating for added security, although this is a significant additional cost.

Arranged for cleaning and maintenance

You have to clean your house between guest visits and make sure it stays clean over time. You can either manage this yourself (which is quite simple if you live in the home yourself) or you can hire a specialized cleaning service like Tidy to handle it for you.

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Price your rental

With your house prepared and features determined, it is time to think about pricing. Your first step should be to compare your location and home with similar offers on Airbnb to get an idea of ​​prices in your area. It's also a good idea to use a dynamic price service like BeyondPricing, which can show you how to adjust your pricing during the year to earn as much revenue as possible.

Final step: Take pictures

Now that it's done, Take a good gallery with high resolution pictures of your home. Photos sell an Airbnb site like nothing else, so it's important to give your guests a good look at your home under the best lighting. With the pictures you are ready to start your Airbnb account and start filling out the information for your space. Remember to add seasonal decorations or food is a great way to make an Airbnb home even better.

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