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How to make your TikTok account private (so insects can't sneak or comment on your videos) «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

Can you trust every user you come across on TikTok? The answer to that may be how the service is used, but the real question is ̵

1; can you trust any user who sees your content? Not everyone at TikTok is someone you want to see or interact with your content, and there is a way to prevent them from doing so.

Anyone can trick your public card-shaped video content without an account, and it's easy to create an anonymous or fake account to make derogatory and harassing comments. There is also a real fear that stalkers can reach out to children who pretend to be someone else. As a TikTok user or a parent of a child using TikTok, it is important to be aware of these dangers.

Being private at TikTok is the best way to make sure you only share content with family and friends you know about the service. In addition, it is best to do this if you are not in the entire TikTok community but just want to use the app on Android or iOS to make cool videos for other social apps like Instagram or Snapchat. (Mimicking popular songs, dances and TV scenes are good for stories!)

In the Android or iPhone app, tap the profile icon at the bottom right. Then, point to the ellipsis (•••) icon at the top right, followed by "Privacy and Security." Here you can enable "Private Account" so that only people you accept as friends can view your videos. If you already have supporters, they will not be deleted, so make sure they are all you are okay with accessing your videos.

Now that you see your own content, you see Private label in the corner reminding you that your content is not public. And when someone happens to come across your TikTok profile, it will say it's private. When they click on "Follow" you get the request to approve or deny it.

If you want to cure your privacy even more, you can also disable "Let others find me", which means you won't be shown as a suggestion to other users, which may happen when you have common friends or your phone number is linked to your account and another user has that information saved on their smartphone.

Once you have received friends On TikTok from case to case, you can further refine how they interact with your account with the other options in the "Privacy and Security" menu. You can also block individual users after the fact if they turn out to be someone who was masquerading as another user.

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