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How to open links in the background on Safari on iPhone and iPad

  Open in the background dialog

Safari lets you open links in a new tab on the iPhone or iPad, but it instantly switches to the new tab when you do it. Here's how to open all new tabs in the background instead.

Open links in new tabs on an iPhone or iPad have long been a simple case to touch and hold a link and then tap "Open in new tab". It works well if you don't want to lose your place on your current website. But it can crush if you just want to open a tab and come back to the latter. For that you want to be able to open a new tab in the background.

Thankfully, deep in the heart of the setting app on both iPhone and iPad you will find a setting that does just that. When you are turned on, all tabs in the background open instead of stealing your focus, and that's pretty good.

To get started, open the Settings app and then tap "Safari".

 Open settings and press Safari

Next, scroll down and press "Open links" to open the next screen.

 Touch Open links

The next screen shows the two options available to you. If you want to open new links in the background, without having them steal the focus, tap the "In Background" and exit the Settings app.

 Touch in the background

Now that you press and hold On a link in Safari, a new option appears to open "Open in the background" which, when taken, will do exactly that.

 Touch Open in the background

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