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How to Play Your Own PS4 Games on Your iPhone with Sony's New Remote Game App «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Can you be too lazy for video games ? So I sometimes feel. I want to play the latest PlayStation has to offer, but I can't be bothered to get out of bed. As if Sony is reading the thoughts of waste everywhere, the company has released a great thing – PS4 Remote Play lets you play your PS4 on your iPhone, no TV is required. The best part? It's 100% free.

Unfortunately for those who are in Android, if you do not own an Xperia device, the official remote play support is exclusive to iOS. Android fans are unlucky in Sony's eyes, but that doesn't mean they really are. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can get your PS4 games on Android as well.

Step 1
: Check your PlayStation account on your PS4

If you play games online or just use some online services on your PS4, chances are you are already signed in to your PlayStation account. Regardless, you want to make sure your account is stuck, because the remote does not work otherwise.

To check, open Settings on your PS4. Select "Account Management". If you see "Log in" it means that you are not logged in to your PlayStation account. Select "Sign In", enter your PlayStation data and then select "Sign In" again.

If you are already logged in, select "Account Information" and then "Login ID". Note the email address, as this is the reference you need to use in the remote program.

Step 2: Enable Remote Play on your PS4

Now you need to enable the Remote Play feature on your PS4 so it will accept the connection from your iPhone later. To do so, open Settings on the console, scroll down and select "Remote Play Connection Settings" and select the check box next to "Enable Remote Play".

Picture of Dallas Thomas / Gadget Hacks

Step 3: Check Your PS4's Network Connection

To Remote Remote Connect your PS4 must have both the app and the console connected to the same network. To pinch any issues in the bid, make sure you know before the network your PS4 is connected to.

To check, go to Settings. Then scroll down and select "Network". Then select "View Connection Status". You will see your connected network under "SSID".

Step 4: Check Your iPhone's Network Connection

Now make sure your iPhone is already on the same network connection as your PS4. You can quickly take a look by going into the Control Center and popping the box in the upper right corner (long press for non-3D Touch iPhones). Take a look at the name under the Wi-Fi icon. If it matches your PS4, good! If not, open Settings, press "Wi-Fi" and select the connection your PS4 is on.

Step 5: Download the Remote Program

If You Not Already has done so, download and install "PS4 Remote Play" from the App Store. Don't worry about looking for the app. You can simply follow the link below and download directly.

Step 6: Set the Remote Program

If you followed above steps to a T, this part should be a breeze. Start the remote control and press "Start". When prompted, enter your PlayStation email address and password. Then tap "Login".

Once you sign in, the remote app will immediately try to connect for your PS4. Granted all connections and accounts are correct, this setting should be fast. If you receive an error message, however, do not worry – try to exit the app and press "Start" again. If there are no real network or account issues, the remote will eventually be connected to your PS4.

Step 7: Review Your New Control Program

When the remote control is connected to your PS4, you see a live feed displayed on your iPhone screen, along with a PS4 control overlay. The remote app goes through how to use this overlay, including pressing "joysticks" twice for L3 and R3, and pressing the feed twice to use the touchscreen button. Tap each area to move through the instructions.

Pro Tip: Press (X) in the lower right corner to hide the Mik, Share, Home and Options buttons.

When the tutorial is over, you can control your PS4 with your iPhone exactly as you would with a real check. You can also turn your iPhone over and play horizontally, giving you a bigger video drive.

Step 8: Play!

What are you waiting for? Pop in a game and get started!

We can't lie – play on your iPhone will never be as good as just playing with a PS4 controller. Touch controls can be cumbersome, especially for fast games. The problem can be solved by using your iPhone as a monitor and using a traditional controller instead. We will cover how you accomplish this in another article. It solves only one question but – the remote control itself is noticeably laggard, even in a good connection. You won't want to try this for anything competitive, it's safe.

What this app offers you is a way to play your favorite PS4 games away from the TV. If your PS4 is in the living room but you want to play in bed you can do it! In fact, you can even turn on your console from the app itself. Just click on the "Start" button anytime and you play Doom, Rocket League, Kingdom Hearts III, anything you want anywhere in your house.

Cover image, screenshots and GIF by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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