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How to prepare for Halloween in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’


Do you feel the spooky cold in the air? Do you feel a clear lack of pumpkin in your island decor? Get ready for Halloween too Animal Crossing: New Horizons October 2020 update with its own pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin patches

September 2020 i Animal Crossing: New Horizons took acorns and cones falling from trees waiting to be used for DIY recipes. But now there is even more content on the way in preparation for the Halloween holiday!

From October 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a new harvestable item that can be picked and used in several new pumpkin-themed DIY recipes that will surely add some cool details to your island during the fall season.

Pumpkin start can be purchased in the game from Leif (he will appear randomly outside the center) or from Nook̵

7;s Cranny during the month of October. Once your pumpkins have been grown, they can be harvested and used in various pumpkin-themed DIY projects included in the “Spooky” collection.

ACNH Isabelle Pumpkin Announcement

Isabelle will inform you about the new seasonal event in her morning announcement. She will refer to how you can participate in the new festivities – grow pumpkins, buy sweets and more. The event is only available in October 2020.

Where can I buy pumpkin entrees

Pumpkin entrees will be available for a limited time throughout October 2020 from Timmy and Tommy’s Nook & Cranny store (check out the cabinets at the fishing rods) for 280 watches, or five for 1400 watches.

Leif pumpkin starts acnh

You can also buy them in Leif’s carriage when he shows up on your island. A pumpkin start costs 140 watches, while a bundle of five costs 700 watches. They are much cheaper if you buy them from Leif, so if you plan to store, be sure to wait for his cart to show up outside the Resident Services Center.

anch leif pump starts

If you have grown a surplus of pumpkins that you no longer need, you can sell them in bulk to Timmy and Tommy for a decent amount of watches (10 orange pumpkins sell for 3,500 watches), but the price varies depending on the color. You can also give away pumpkins as gifts to family and friends.

Growing pumpkins

Once you have collected the pumpkin starts, you can start planting pumpkins around your island. Equip your shovel and dig into the ground. When you face the hole, open your inventory and choose to have the pumpkin start planting them in the ground. Once you have planted the pumpkin, you can dig them up again and move them if you want, just like any other harvestable plant. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you water the pumpkins every day, you can potentially harvest multiples at once, so be sure to water your pumpkins as they grow. After planting, pumpkins take four days to fully mature and will grow to four different potential colors.

And just like flowers, pumpkins will grow back after you harvest them. Once collected, they begin in step two (with four leaves), with a new pumpkin produced two days later. Orange pumpkins seem to be the dominant color, and the other colors are somewhat unusual in comparison.

anch leif pump colors

The four different pumpkin color variations that can be produced are orange, green, yellow or white – and you do not know the pumpkin color until they have stopped growing on the fourth day.

To harvest the pumpkins and place them in your warehouse, stand next to them and press the “A” button on your right Joy-Con controller.

ACNH pumps

Colors are predetermined, so you do not have to worry about crossing. Just water the pumpkins, harvest them when the colors appear and repeat! To produce the pumpkin color you want, you need to buy more pumpkin starts and grow them to maturity.

Pumpkin-themed DIY recipe

The fruits of your labor will result in new DIY-DIY recipes: The Spooky Collection! This time, getting recipes is not as easy as shooting them from balloons or harvesting the pumpkins you grow. Instead, the new DIY recipes can only be obtained by visiting the residents of their homes and talking to them while working on DIY recipes on their workbench.


If you want something more unique – dare I say, designer – try using a different colored pumpkin when creating your new pumpkin-themed DIY recipes. The final color of the object you create matches the color of the pumpkin you used.

Orange pumpkins are by far the most common pumpkin color, but you can make different colored pumpkin DIY things at your workbench, as long as you have enough pumpkins of the desired color.

ACNH diy prescription adapt2

Stand next to your workbench, press “A” on your right Joy-Con controller, select “Customize Something” and then select the Spooky item you want to customize. A new screen will appear where you can choose between the different pumpkin colors – orange, yellow, green or white.

ACNH diy prescription customize

The number of colored pumpkins needed to customize the item is displayed at the top right of the customization page.

Remember that there is no secret method to grow the various unique pumpkin colors, so you need to grow a lot of them until you get the color you want.

ACNH pump spooky arch 5

Once you have discovered one of the new Spooky DIY recipes, you can see them under the “Seasonal Recipes” category in your Nook Phone’s DIY Recipes app. DIY recipes that you have in excess can also be sold to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny or given to friends.

ACNH pump spooky arch 4

In addition to new DIY recipes, on October 31, 2020, Jack – a ghost called the “Halloween Tsar” will appear. Jack has been known for a long time Animal crossing fans after his appearances in previous games, and he is sure to host a special event just for Halloween.

Preparing for Halloween

ACNH Isabelle Candy Message

In addition to bringing the Halloween spirit with jack-o-lanterns, you should also refill sweets before the big event starts on October 31, 2020. Go over to Nook’s Cranny to pick up sweets that you can send out to cheat or therapists on Halloween night.

ACNH nook cranny candy

Candy costs 120 watches and is a limited purchase. There is one per day and one per customer limit, so be sure to go over to Nook’s Cranny as often as you can throughout the month of October. You do not want to show up empty handed on Halloween!

ACNH hooks in crazy Halloween items

There are also many Spooky-themed items on display at Nook’s Cranny throughout the month of October, so if you want to decorate your island with Halloween decor, be sure to check it out every day.

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