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How to reject media controls in Android 11’s quick settings when you’m done playing music «Android :: Gadget hack

When you test the new media settings quick settings in Android 11 and form an opinion, you will notice one of the changes they made in the player in addition to the new location. For example, when you swipe off the mini version of these controls, the music continues to play and the player still appears in the expanded view.

Previously, you could only reject the media message when you had finished playing music. Now you can still pull off the smaller media controls, but when you drag down twice to fully expand your quick settings menu, the larger controls still remain. So whether you’re playing embarrassing music and want to ruin the evidence or just want to keep things neat, I̵

7;ll show you two ways to completely shut down a media session on Android 11.

Method 1: Disable the persistent extended controls

Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to display the extended quick settings. Here, swipe the media controls left or right, and then tap the gear icon that it exposes.

A new screen appears. Activate the switch here next to “Hide players when the media session has ended” and press the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Now that you reject the media controls from the mini quick settings view, they will also be rejected from the extended quick settings. When your media session is finished (for example, at the end of your playlist or podcast), the player will be shut down from both locations.

Method 2: Force stop the music player for a single fix

But you may not want to change the default behavior because it is simply this feature to be able to resume a playlist after it has been paused for a while. So we have a second method for you that would work best if you just want to get rid of the embarrassing remnants of a new media session.

Then open the overview menu with the multitasking gesture or the button for the latest apps and then scroll horizontally until you find the offensive music player app. Touch the icon at the top of the card and select “App info”. Select “Force Stop” from this menu, which removes the media controls from both Quick Settings views.

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