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How to remove apps from the “Conversations” section on Android

screenshot for Android 11 conversations

Android 11 introduced a feature that places messages from messaging applications in the “Conversations” section of the message shadow. These messages are always at the top of the list, but it̵

7;s easy to remove an app from this section.

To do so, when a message appears in the “Conversations” section, hold it down.

long press release

Touch the gear icon at the top right to open the “Settings” menu.

go to app notification settings

You are now in the notification settings for the given app. If the app supports the “Conversations” feature, you’ll see a list of people and groups in the top section; tap the one you want to delete.

select a conversation to delete

Scroll down and select “Not a conversation.” This directly removes the item from “Conversations” and returns to the previous screen.

delete conversation from section

Some apps do not support “conversations” properly, but they still appear in that section; at the time of writing, Facebook Messenger is one of these. The image below is what you see when you press and hold a notification in Facebook Messenger.

app does not support Android 11 conversations

You can still remove these apps from Conversations. Just tap the gear icon at the top right of the extended notification panel.

Facebook message notification settings

Turn off the “Conversation Section” switch.

remove the app from the conversation section

That’s all! If you ever want to adjust the notification settings for an app, just press and hold to get started.

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