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How to reply with a tapback in messages on iPhone and iPad

  Tapback in use

iMessage is one of the biggest features for owners of iPhones and iPads, and Apple knows it. That's because it's pretty good, but there are features you may not fully use. Tapbacks are one here's how to use them.

In fact, you may never have heard of a Tapback, partly because Apple has not done a good job of occupying the feature. It is almost invisible to anyone who does not know where to find it, and it does not contribute to organic discovery.

It is also a shame, too much like similar features that allow "taste" of messages and so on social networks, you can use a Tapback to quickly respond to a message without having to enter ours, or even send one message at all. If all you want to do is send one of the six quick answers, a Tapback is just up your street.

The six answers include a heart, a thumbs up, a thumbs down, a pair of exclamation marks, a question mark and a "HaHa" for when something amuses you.

So now that you know what the options are and what a Tapback is, you use them.

How to use a Tapback on iPhone and iPad

To use a Tapback, open the Messages app and find the message you want to reply to.

 Touch and hold a message and then tap the Tapback you need

You will now see a new bubble appearing with the six options we just mentioned. Touch the one you want to use, and iMessage sends it to the sender of the original message. Instead of being shown as a new message in the thread, it will instead appear in a corner of the message that Tapback is related to.

And that's all there is. It's so simple that this can be the first wizard we've written with a screenshot. It's a feature that is so easy to use, it's a travesty that more people aren't aware of it.

If you respond with a Tapback to someone using Android – in other words, if their messages have a green bubble instead of a blue bubble – that person will get Tapback as a text message.

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