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How to schedule announcements on Google Assistant speakers and screens

google home family bell hero

Having some Google Home and Nest smart speakers and screens around your house can be great for home automation. With “Family Bell”, you can let Google Assistant play scheduled messages at set times. We’ll show you how to set it up.

The Family Bell feature is great for keeping your household on schedule. You can use it to remind your children of going to bed every night at 21

or maybe you work from home and always forget to eat lunch, so create a message at. 12.30 on Monday to Friday to remind you.

A requirement for the “Family Bell” feature is a Nest / Google Home speaker or smart screen. The messages can only be made via these devices and not via your smartphone or tablet.

Open the “Google Home” app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and tap the “Profile” icon at the top right.

settings in the Google home app

Select “Assistant Settings” from the menu.

select settings for google assistant

Now you’re looking at a long list of things you can do with Google Assistant. Scroll down and select “Family Clock.”

family clock from assistant settings

Then press the “Add a clock” button.

add a family bell message

First enter a “Bell Announcement”. This is the message that Google Assistant will receive.

name the family bell announcement

We now choose the time and days of the week for the announcement.

select time and day for announcing the family clock

You can choose where the message is played. Touch “Playing on [Device Name], “And select from your connected devices.

select the unit for announcing the family clock

Finally, make sure it is “Enabled” and then press the “Create New Clock” button.

create announcement about the family clock

You will return to the Family Bell Overview menu, where you can enable or disable all your messages.

enable or disable notifications

That’s all there is! At the specified time, you will hear some chimes and then Google Assistant will recite the message. You will receive a message on your mobile device when the message has been made.

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