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How to sell your Mac

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Macs are expensive, but they have a higher user value than computers. Here's how to sell your Mac hardware, whether you're upgrading to a new Mac or just want some money for old MacBooks you've lied to.

Backing Up and Removing Your Old Data

  Erasing Mac Hard Drive

] Clearly, selling a device with all your personal information stored on it is not a good idea. The first thing you need to do is remove all that information and restore your Mac to factory settings to protect yourself and make it easier to configure yourself as a new computer.

You will want to keep a copy of your data in some way. If you just bought a new Mac, you can migrate your data from your old to the new. If you want to start fresh or switch to a Windows machine, you can save a backup of your files if you need them in the future.

Next, you want to wipe your Mac's hard drive. You can read our guide on how to do this from Reset Mode, which should not take more than an hour or so depending on how much data you have and how safe you want to dry the hard drive. Afterwards, you will carefully reinstall MacOS, otherwise it may not be useful to the one you sell it to.

Find Your Specification

Apple releases new Macbooks almost every year and usually has a dozen models for each launch. You want to find out exactly which one you need to make a correct listing.

If you know the year that your laptop was made (not purchased), look up Apple's data processing database to get a full listing that you can link to. Otherwise you can click on the Apple logo in the top menu bar and select "About this Mac."

This opens a dialog that shows all your computer's specifications.

The most important things you want to note are the model name (eg "MacBook Pro"), the year it was made, the screen size and the amount of RAM your system has. If you paid for a processor upgrade on your Mac, be sure to list it as well.

Option 1: Sell it yourself for more money

If you like money and have time to save, it is obvious to sell it yourself to go. In general, you will not get close to the retail price of your Mac, even if it is in the smallest condition. Buying used comes with a discount, and it must be large enough for people to consider. You should watch out how much your specific device sells on those sites and list your at or below this price point.

Make sure your Mac is clean and take good pictures of it for your listing. Be sure to include all relevant information in the listing. You should also include a link to the product's store page so that buyers can see how much discount they receive and see more specifications on the machine.

Note: There are many electronic scrap companies out there claiming to buy your highest dollar units just to offer you far below market value. You have to weigh yourself through a sea of ​​fraud and stick to trusted sources.

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Sell Online vs. Local sales

You have two options: sell it online (and send it to the buyer) or sell it locally. If you sell online you will compete with retailers, official sellers and thousands of others who want to make a quick sum. It can be much simpler but also gives you a tendency to return fraud when the service takes the buyer's side.

Sales locally get a bad reputation, but it's pretty safe if you know what you're doing. The basic rules to avoid being tricked are:

  • Meet in a busy public place, so that you are not robbed or robbed. You can also meet at a police station if you are paranoid.
  • Do not send the item. This is a scam – you are selling locally for a reason. Always meet in person.
  • Only cash. Something else is probably a scam. Fraud can commit control fraud and write you a check that appears to be properly inserted first to bounce.
  • You probably get few answers that sound like robots that repeat your full post title. Do not disturb to respond to these; they are bluffs.

Use some common sense and do not rely on people asking more than they should have for you. There are plenty of scammers out there, but when you get past those who meet someone in person, the only way to make sure everything goes down.

Local Options

Craigslist is a great place to sell your old electronics to interested buyers. Although it's a local marketplace, as long as you don't live in the middle of nowhere, you'll find people who want to get a deal on used devices or potential resellers who want to remove it.

Facebook Marketplace is like Craigslist, except a little less underground and sketchy. If you are afraid of Craigslist, send your listing here.

LetGo and Offerup are two honorable committees.

Online Options

eBay is the go-to option for selling used goods online.

Amazon, usually used by more permanent vendors, you can also list your own products much like eBay

Swappa: like eBay, easier to use, less user base.

Option 2: Shop for Cash Register

  Apple Trading Software

If you can't interfere with the creation of a listing or sell your machine, you can trade it for retail credit (and sometimes cash) . Apple has its own build-in program that is much faster and easier than selling it yourself. Of course, they will only give you gift certificates to buy new Apple products, but if you want to upgrade, you can sell your old devices to fund your new ones.

This process is only worth it if your computer is in good condition. Apple offered us $ 490 for a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is under $ 800 or so that you can sell it on a website like Craigslist. But if the device has a lot of scratches or is generally damaged, you will not get close to that amount. Apple would only give us $ 160 for a scratched MacBook – an abysmal little amount that limits us to the accessory box at the Apple Store.

You can sell it to other invitation programs, like Best Buy, but in our tests, they offered less than Apple did. Gazelle offers similar amounts, but pays at least cash. You can try your luck at a local farmer's shop if you are seriously strapped for money, but if you buy it in, you always get less money than if you were selling it yourself.

We recommend that you post a listing on Craigslist or Facebook for a few weeks, and then resort to a submission if it does not sell. The best use for these invited apps is if you are the type of person who buys a new iPhone every year, but in that case you can only use the iPhone Upgrade Program.

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