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How to send iMessages with effects

We all know that texting can be a bit impersonal, and sometimes it's hard to emphasize what you mean when you only have a short written message to work with. Thankfully iOS lets you add a little oomph to your outgoing iMessages. We will guide you through the type of iMessage effects offered on iOS 13 and how to best use them. How to send impact-loaded iMessages on iPhone.

Send messages with full-screen effects

  iMessages Effects

The iMessage effect option is divided into two categories – full-screen effects and bubble effects. To get these options, you want to press and hold S end on your next iMessage. You then bring up the screen Send with effect under which you see the Bubble and screen. If you really want to make a splash, you should go with a full-screen effect.

Your full screen effects options are Echo, Spotlight, Balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, or Celebration. Scroll left and right to scroll through these options, and when you are satisfied with the desired effect, press the send button again to send your iMessage with the full screen effect you choose.

These effects are incredibly fun and produce a variety of cool effects. Are you trying to share some exciting news? Share it with the Fireworks effect and watch a New Year fireworks show slide across the screen. Are you really trying to drive a point home? Share it with Echo and your message will copy itself about 100 times across the screen. Are you trying to share an easterly loving message? Share it with Love and a giant heart shaped balloon comes from your message and then floats away!

All these options take up the entire screen of the receiving contact as they open up your text, making them the perfect way to emphasize what you have said.

Send messages with bubble effects

If you try to puncture your text while you are a bit more low-key, you can send a bubble effect message. You can do this by simply selecting Bubble when choosing between power options. You will be presented with four options: Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink.

If you try to say something carefully, then Gentle sends your message with a small font. Or if you try to scream something from the rooftops, then Slam will help you make a statement by magnifying your message and slamming it down on the screen.

Submit a handwriting note

While that is not technically an effect, we think this is a neat and often overlooked feature within iMessage. If you turn your iPhone into landscape orientation, you will see a handwriting symbol appear at the bottom right of the keyboard. This allows you to send a handwritten message or choose from a number of predetermined.

iMessage on your latest iPhone allows all kinds of amazing text gizmos to help you communicate what you know or think to your friends and family. So next time you have something to say through text, say it out loud!

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