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How to set up and use the Google Assistant “Bedtime” routine

google home bedtime routine hero image

When you are tired and ready for bed, the last thing you want to do is pull yourself through the usual night routine to turn off the lights, turn off your phone and set an alarm. Use the “Bedtime”

; routine in the Google Home app to automate it!

“Routines” is a feature built into Google Assistant and Nest smart speakers and screens. They allow you to create a series of actions to be performed with a single command. They can be extremely powerful if you take the time to install them. The “Bedtime” and “Good Morning” routines are especially useful.

Open the Google Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, then tap the “Routines” button in the upper section.

google home app routines

Select “Manage routines” from the menu.

google home management routines

Google has included some ready-made procedures in the “Finished” section. For this guide, click on the “bedtime” box.

choose a routine for bedtime

There are a few different sections on this page that determine what the routine will do. Touch the text at the top under “When”.

commands to start the bedtime routine

This is where you can select commands to launch the “Bedtime” box. There are some commands already listed and you can press “Add” to enter more.

add a custom command

Press “OK” when you have finished entering commands.

save custom commands

The next section determines what Google Assistant should do and in what order. There are a number of actions you can switch on and tap the “Gear” icon to adjust what they do.

select actions and press the gear to set them

To add your own custom action, tap Add action.

add an assistant action

You can enter any phrase you say to Google Assistant. For example, you can type “turn off Living Room TV” to automatically turn off your TV at night. Press “OK” when done.

enter a custom command and press ok

Then we can adjust the order in which these measures will take place. Press “Change order”.

change the order of assistant commands

Press and hold the handle (four stacked lines) next to an action and drag it up or down to adjust the order. Select “Done” when done.

change order and press done

Finally, you can choose to play any kind of media after the Assistant commands. Select one of the options and tap the “Gear” icon to set it. Everyone has a slightly different action:

  • Music: Enter a playlist, artist, song or genre and how long the music will play. The music will start playing on your standard music service.
  • Sleep sound: Choose from a list of sleep sounds that automatically stop after a while.
  • Nothing: No sound is played after the assistant’s commands.

routine sound options for bedtime

Press the “Save” button at the top of the screen to save the routine.

save bedtime routine

Now all you have to do is say “Hello Google, bedtime” (or any of the other commands you entered), and the routine will work.

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