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How to set up and use the Google Assistant Workday Routine

working day routine hero

Sticking to the task while working can be a challenge, especially at home, and it’s not just about productivity. Getting up to move and drink water is also important. Automate reminders for these things with the Google Assistant “Workday”

; routine!

“Routines” is a feature built into Google Assistant and Nest smart speakers and screens. They allow you to create a series of actions to run with a single command or at set times. They can be extremely powerful if you take the time to install them.

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Open the Google Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, then tap your profile icon in the upper right corner.

tap on your profile icon

Select “Assistant Settings” from the menu.

select assistant settings

Depending on your device, you either see settings in a single long list or sorted by tabs. Go to the “Assistant” tab in the tab interface. Skip this step if you only see a long list.

go to the Assistant tab

Select “Routines” from the list.

select routines

You may see a section at the top for “New routines to try.” If “Workday” is not there, scroll down and select it in the “Ready-Made” section.

working day routine

There are a few different sections of the Workday routine. We go through them all to set it up. First, turn on the power switch at the top to “Enable Routine.”

turn on to activate routine

Then we have to decide which weekdays the working day routine should run. Touch the days listed under “When the day / days are.”

choose the days

Select all days to run the routine each week, then press “OK”.

select the days and press OK

Now we need to choose where Google Assistant will play answers. You want to select the device that will be close to you during the working day. Tap the drop-down menu under “Play the assistant’s answer with” and select a device.

select a device

You can also select the “Get notification on your phone” checkbox when the routine runs. This will ensure that you receive a message if you are not near the selected device.

be notified by telephone

Now it’s time to configure what the Workday routine will actually do. You will notice that Google has already set up a number of time slots and actions. You can edit any of these by tapping the gear icon next to them.

press the gear icon

There will be different options depending on the measure. First, edit the time slots that determine when actions should be run. These time slots are usually for breaks and meals throughout the day.

edit the time slot

Then edit the “Say Something” commands. This is what Google Assistant will recite across the device at the selected time. Common examples are “It’s time to get up and stretch” and “It’s time for lunch.”

edit the commands to say something

To delete or reorganize time slots and actions in bulk, press the “Change” button.

press the modify button

Scroll through the list and delete everything you do not want by pressing the “X” icon.

remove actions

To change the order in which the assistant runs the commands, press and drag the handles on the left side.

move actions around

You also have the option to “Add action” for each time slot.

press add action

You can enter any command you can give to Google Assistant and then press “Add”.

enter a command and press add

To add a new time slot to the routine, scroll down to the bottom and press “Add New Time.”

select add new time

You will first be asked to select a time or enter a custom time. Press “Next” when done.

select a time and press the next

Then you can add your first action. Enter any command you can give Google Assistant or browse popular actions. Press “Add” when done.

enter command and press add

When you are satisfied with all the time slots and actions, select the “Save” button at the top of the page.

press save

That’s all! The workday routine will now run at set times and help you throughout the day.

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