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How to shoot videos in slow motion with Google Camera «Android :: Gadget Hacks

Slow motion recording is an incredibly handy feature that works by capturing moments with a higher frame rate than they are played on. Timing is all that you record in this setting, so if you want a user-friendly app that keeps your device's interactions to a minimum and lets you focus on capturing your topic, Google Camera will surely fit the bill.

Google Camera makes recording slow motion movies are fun and intuitive, and while the app is only available on Google Pixel, you can still try the camera apps slow motion functionality with a Google Camera port. If you have not installed the GCam mode, try using the following guide:

As mentioned, the slowback feature of Google Camera will not work on any Android device due to hardware and software limitations. But once you install the app, it's easy to check and see if it works on your device.

Just open Google Camera and hit "More" then select "Slow Motion" from the menu. From there, simply press the recording button to initiate the recording. By default, the app is set to record at 1

/ 4x (four times slower than real time), but you can fine tune this by pressing the "1 / 4x" button to set the camera to "1 / 8x" if you have to record very high speeds in slow motion.

As shown in the GIF files below, the camera slowly moves the motion makes a great job of slowing down your video. subject and reveals minute details that would normally turn out to be a blur if you only slowed down normal film in finishing. Just keep in mind that the feature is not as effective when playing in low light, so be sure to record in well-lit areas to get the best video clips.

This article has been produced under the Gadget Hack's special coverage on the smartphone-based video creating tips for filming and editing. Check out the entire video.

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