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How to sort in Google Sheets

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Sheets are Google’s answer to Excel’s dominance in the spreadsheet game. As such, it packs many of the practical features you need to get through your day. An important feature is the ability to navigate your data and know everything. How to sort in Google Sheets to save time.

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One of the most common uses for a spreadsheet is to track your contact list, so this is how we structure this example. Sorting your contacts is one of the easiest ways to alphabetize in Google Sheets, so leave your headaches in the spreadsheet. The process is the same if you also want to sort by date in Google Sheets.

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To sort in Google Sheets:

Before you can dig into sorting, you need to decide which data is important. Start by selecting all the rows and columns you plan to use.

sort in google sheet 1

2. Go to the Data tab, which is located between Format and Tools. This is where you manage your sorting, whether you choose to sort your Google Sheets by column or otherwise.

sort in Google Sheet 2

Scroll down to the option that says Sort Interval. This should open a menu box. If your data has a header row, select the check box. In our case, we have chosen not to mark the title bar.

sort in Google Sheet 3

4. The line that says Sort by is your ability to decide how you want to organize your data. Because we use a contact list, we will sort the example by last name (column B). Open the drop-down menu to select a column, then select between the A → Z or Z → A buttons and then click Sort.

sort in google sheet 4

You should now see all your contacts organized alphabetically by last name. A fast Google Sheets Sort can help you save a lot of time finding a specific contact! Learning to filter in Google Sheets is a bit more complicated, so come back soon for a guide to help you.

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