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How to spend on smartphones and social media

Cold turkeys with technology are not realistic in our hyperlinked world, but here are some tips to modulate usage and take back control of your apps and devices.

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  How do you spend on smartphones and social media

How often do you open your smartphone and you suddenly find that you have lost 30 minutes or perhaps hours of your day?

It's too easy to get lost in our screens when we tap from the app to the app and browse through social feeds. Modern devices and social media apps are designed to engage and stay engaged, and in some cases can lead to technology-dependent behavior. But there are ways to retrain your mind to take back control of your technology.

If you are not ready to drop the net and move to a log cabin in the wilderness, it is completely unrealistic to cut the technology out of your life. What you can do is to try to consume the technology more consciously.

Whether you think you're spending too much time on social media, feeling that you're being linked to your smartphone, or you're suffering from a more serious technological abuse, we could all be a little less wired. Here are some tips to wake you up from compulsive smartphone and social media, and how to regain control over how to consume technology.

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