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How to start a video call in slack

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In this era of telework, many Slack users rely on external services such as Zoom or Google Meet for video chat. But few know that it is as easy to start a video call within Slack itself without additional software or services. How to use.

First open an instant message with the person you want to video chat with. To make a call, click on the "Call" icon (which looks like a phone) in the bar next to their name.

  Click the call icon in Slack to make a video call

Slack starts calling the other party to request a video chat. A window asking for microphone or camcorder access can be displayed. Click "OK" for both.

 Provide microphone access in Slack for Video Chat

Once the other party has accepted the call and activated their microphone and video stream, you will see them in a window on the screen. If you switch from the Slack window to use another app (on Mac or PC), the video chat will pop out into a less fluid window overlay that you can reposition with the cursor.

 Slack Video Chat

Holding the mouse pointer over the video window displays various circular control buttons.

In the upper left of the window you will find the Settings and Invite people buttons. Near the bottom of the screen you will see these buttons from left to right: Mute Microphone On / Off, Video On / Off, Share Screen, Send a Reaction and Hang Up.

 Slack Video Chat Buttons

Clicking on the "Settings" icon pops up a small menu that allows you to give a chat title and change microphone, speaker and camcorder settings.

 Slack video chat call settings

Clicking the "Invite people" button can make it a group chat by adding more people to the conversation.

 Slack video chat inviting attendees [19659003] Access by clicking the smiley face icon, Reactions lets you add emojis and small text messages that appear in a feed in the right part of the window.

 Slack Video Chat Reactions and Messages 19659003] You can mute your audio at any time or temporarily disable your video stream m by clicking the camera button (the contour of a camera with a green dot in the middle).

You can also share a view of what's on your computer screen by pressing the Share Screen button in the middle (but be careful). The Share Screen icon looks like a computer screen, although it may appear crossed if you haven't given Slack permission to share the screen.

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When you're done with your call, say goodbye and click on the red "Hang Up" button. This ends the video chat.

 Hang up a Slack video call

Slack also integrates with other video chat solutions, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others, if you prefer to use them for video conferencing. must activate each of these apps separately. Have fun and enjoy your chat!

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