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How to stop iPhone calls from ringing simultaneously on your iPad, MacBook and other Apple devices «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hack

You might be using Zoom on your iMac, playing a Steam game on your MacBook, or completing a task on your iPad when you suddenly get a phone call on your iPhone. If the same Apple ID is used on all your Apple devices, the call will not just ring on your iPhone – it will ring on all cursed devices.

While it can be great when you are not in the middle of something, a ringing call on your computer, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone is annoying at the same time, to say the least. If you work with Apple devices all day, you can have ten different iPhones ringing at the same time, all fighting for your attention.

Fortunately, it̵

7;s easy to prevent the ring so that only your iPhone – the device that has the mobile phone service – is the one that alerts you to an incoming phone call. And you do not need to adjust any settings on each device separately. There is only one switch you need to adjust, and it is right there on your iPhone.

Tap “Mobile” in the Settings app. Depending on your wireless carrier, this menu may look different from mine in the image below, but the setting we need should be the same – “Call on other devices.” Find it and open the menu. If you have several mobile plans on your iPhone, the option will be available in both the “Primary” and “Secondary” settings.

You now have two options to stop phone calls from appearing on other devices.

  • Turn off individual devices. If you find it useful to let your Mac ring but not other Apple devices, you can turn off the switches next to each Apple device for which you want to disable calls. Each device has its name and device name so you know which device is which. When turned off, that device no longer accepts phone calls.
  • Disable all calls on other devices. To disable the entire feature and keep phone calls restricted to your iPhone, turn off the “Allow calls on other devices” button. Even if you’re connected to Wi-Fi and near your other Apple devices, all calls are shown only on your iPhone.

If you have multiple mobile subscriptions, be sure to adjust the “Calls on other devices” settings for each plan individually.

Alternatively, if you do not want to disable the feature for any of your devices, you can always turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Doing so temporarily disables the “Allow calls on other devices” feature and only works again when you connect to Wi-Fi and are close to your other devices. But most of us need Wi-Fi, so it’s no better than the usual call settings.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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