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How to switch from grid to list view for apps on your iPhone’s home screen in iOS 14 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The average iPhone user has between 60 and 90 applications installed. I have over 600 on one of my devices. With lots of apps to sort through, it can sometimes be challenging to find the one you’re looking for without having to use the search tool (which is even better in iOS 14). Even then, you can still get dry.

Let’s say you want to find the “Photoshop Camera” app so you do a search for exactly that. Your home screen search tool prioritizes all apps that start with “Photoshop”, but the downloaded Photoshop camera is shortened to “Ps Camera” on iOS. So you may not find it directly without digging further.

To improve that point, if you look for the “Internet Archive”

; app and enter it, nothing will pop up. That’s because it uses “IA” as its app name on iOS. Do you remember that? Possibly not, which means you can make the mistake again and again.

Spelling errors can also cause confusion. For example, if you try to find the app “TapMeasure” but enter “Tape” because you have used tape measure your whole life instead of reinforcing reality you will not find the app.

There is a new search tool in iOS 14 just for installed apps, but it doesn’t fare much better than the regular search tool. However, IOS 14 has a solution that can help in situations like this: a list view of all your apps in alphabetical order. That way, if you remember the first character at least, you can browse the list and find it. Browsing P can help localized Ps camera, I can help find IA, and so on.

To switch to the Home screen list

Swipe left on the screen from the right start page. If you do, the new app library will appear, a box containing all your apps in organized, predetermined categories. To find the list view, press the search box upwards or swipe down the screen.

From here you can scroll up and down to view everything in alphabetical order. Drag up or down the page to scroll. You can also press and hold the letter selector to the right, and then move your finger up or down to scroll even faster. To jump to a specific letter or to apps that start with a number, press the corresponding character on the letter selector.

To start List View Faster

Sure, this list view is not exactly the same as you can actually switch your home screen’s grid view to a list view permanently, but it’s the closest we have right now because it’s so easy to access.

To make it even easier to access, be sure to use the swipe gesture in the App Library, which is a tiny fraction faster than pressing the search box itself because you don’t have to move your finger up the screen.

In addition, iOS 14 has a feature that lets you hide the entire home page. You can’t delete all home screen pages, but you can take it all the way down to one page. That way, the App Library is just a swipe away, and list view is just a swipe. Two swipes in total.

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