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How to tag files on a Mac, iPhone or iPad

  Tagging in Finder

Organizing files is something that few people would identify as fun, but there are some ways to increase the enjoyment factor while improving the organization. One of these ways is tags; Here's how to use tags on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

If you do not know the tags, you are looking for a treatment. By adding colors and labels to files, you can easily identify them in an instant, as well as sort and search them in a special way. If you want to see all the red tagged files across the entire workbook, it is not a problem. If you've ever used tags to manage photos, add-on or anything else for that matter, you'll come home here.

How to tag files on iPad and iPhone

You must use the Files app to tag files on an iPhone or iPad. Files are the closest thing to Mac Finder that we have in the world of iPhone and iPad. To get started, open the Files app.

You will be presented with a list of places, including those on your device and in the cloud.

 Application files. Locate your file

Next, press and hold the file you want to tag. You will see a new row of options displayed above it. Press the right arrow to see more options.

 Press and hold a file. Press the arrow

When visible, press the "Tags" button.

 Touch Tags

The resulting screen displays all available tags. Here you can either press a tag to assign it or create a brand new tag by pressing the "Add new tag" option at the top of the list.

 Touch a tag to select it

How to Tag Files on a Mac

Tagging files on a Mac is even easier than doing it on an iPhone or iPad. To get started, open a Finder window and locate the file you want to tag.

Next, right-click on the file. At the bottom of the context menu, click the tag you want to assign. If you have a large number of tags and what you want is not visible, click the "Tags" button near the bottom. This opens a new window, including a search field to find the right tag. Click the "View All" button to view all available tags.

 Right-click the file you want to tag and click the tag you want to apply

If you store a file In your iCloud Drive, its tags are also synchronized between your devices. For example, if you tag a file on iCloud Drive with something on your iPhone, the same tag will appear in iCloud Drive on your Mac and vice versa.

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