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How to transfer a domain name

It is one of the most basic aspects of web hosting, but most rarely make it likely to relearn the process every time. These simple steps will help you transfer your domain name to a new home in no time.

Image here: You have built an attractive and functional website on a server owned by a company that you once considered a reliable web host. Then, weeks, months or years later, the service goes bad on you. It can be a matter of hacks, slow loading times, inconsistent up times, expensive prices or unreliable customer support. Regardless, you want to raise it out there for greener pastures. To do so, you must transfer the site's domain name to a new web host.

If you already have a domain name, you have probably already processed a registrar, a company that handles URL acquisitions. A registrar can be a standalone URL seller such as NameCheap or a web host that also offers domain names, such as GoDaddy . If your domain name is tied to a web host, the desire to move it may come from one of the reasons listed above, or it may be due to rival hosts superior tidings, load times or feature sets.

Don't forget, however, that people who have NameCheap domains never upload their URLs. For example, if you find an agreement to sell your site, you may need to transfer the domain to the new owner's preferred URL host. Or you may be moving to a new web hosting company that offers a nice agreement on the annual cost of domain registration for new registrations.

If you've got this far in the article and don't know what I'm talking about, my part How to register a domain name for your website has all the juicy details about how to register for a URL. It can also be a practical update if you registered your domain name so long ago that the details are hazy or if someone else did it for you.

The domain transfer process is not difficult, but it may not be obvious. There are only a few steps to undertake to initiate the action, fortunately. Note, however, that transferring a domain name requires that two companies approve the transfer, which slows things down a bit. You can expect your domain transfer request to go through in a few hours or a few days, depending on the companies involved. Do not worry if the domain does not move within minutes after you set the request, although the process can sometimes be completed fairly quickly.

This article only deals with the transfer of a domain name. Moving any site files that you have uploaded to a web hosting server, that is, moving your actual site to a new web host is another thing entirely, one that will be the subject of another article. Also, understand that these tips are most commonly written, as the referenced sections and icons will vary by registrar. The process is as large from supplier to supplier as you should be able to refurbish using the guide below.

Let's get started.

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