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How to turn off Gmail's Smart Compose on Android

  Gmail Android App with Smart Compose Suggestions

Google has expanded Smart Compose from Pixel phones to most other Android smartphones. And while it may be practical, it can also be annoying if the proposals are turned off. If you don't like it, it's easy to shut it down.

Smart Compose will complete your opinion for you

Smart Compose should not be confused with smart answers. The smart answer will examine the email you received and suggest quick answers that would be appropriate. An email asking for a meeting tomorrow may lead to a clever response if "it would be good" and so on.

  Smart answer in Gmail
Smart answer in Gmail

Smart Compose, on the other hand, is for the email you are writing actively (see the header image for this post). Think of it as something like Swiftkey on steroids. But the difference is that Swiftkey tries to predict the next word you are going to write and Smart Compose will try to predict the rest of your meaning. If you have entered, "I am free of l". The smart answer can suggest "unch on Saturday". If you like the proposal, you can turn the words directly (not your keyboard) to accept them.

But not everyone is a fan of predictive text – maybe you think it is annoying, intrusive or it does not fit well with your writing style. Thankfully, Google provided a straightforward process to enable Smart Compose.

How to turn off Smart Compose

Open the Gmail Android App and tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner.

 ] Gmail app with arrow pointing to hamburger menu

Touch "Settings."

  Gmail menu

Tap an email account (you must repeat this process for each email account).

  Gmail settings page with email accounts box

Scroll down to the Smart Comose option and tap the box to deselect it. You can also disable smart answers here if you want.

  The Gmail Settings page with the Smart Compose checkbox

And you're done, you shouldn't see Smart Compose suggestions anymore. If you have more email accounts, repeat the process for them. And if you choose to have Smart Compose suggestions, just check the option above.

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