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How to upgrade from Office 2010 to Office 365

As Microsoft prepares to end support for Office 2010 on October 13, upgrading to Office 365 is one of your primary options.

We know that switching from owning software directly to paying for a subscription is a big change that many fear. In fact, you can still buy Office 2019 as a standalone product if you want to stick to the tradition.

However, the subscription model has gone up. You do not have to bother with downloads, disks or product keys. You get constant updates, including bug fixes, security updates, and new features. Microsoft subscriptions also offer flexibility for how many users and machines can access a product, so you do not have to juggle a lot of different copies of the same software.

This is how it works.

How to update Office 2010 to Office 365 from the current software on your system

A simple upgrade is actually quite simple. If you have a stand-alone computer, this can be accomplished through one of your current Office programs.

Open Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint and select File > account > Update optionsand then select Update now from the drop-down menu. In Outlook it is File > Account > Update options > Update now. Just follow the instructions online.

01 select updates from update options update now JD Sartain / IDG

Select Updates from Update Options, Update Now

Important: Make sure you are ready to update your software before clicking on it Update now button, because it jumps directly to the Internet and starts the update and it is really difficult to cancel it. If you are unsure, select View updates first and review your options before proceeding.

Once installed, you can customize the desktop icons and launch the applications. Office will ask for the new product key when you open the first application. This key has 25 letters and numbers (alphanumeric) and pairs your license to your machine.

How to update from Office 2010 to Office 365 from the Office Web site

If you prefer, you can upgrade directly from Microsoft; just go to https://www.office.com/. Click the Welcome to Office main menu Sign in to begin. Microsoft finds your account, recognizes the current versions of your system, and then offers options for you to choose (to buy or rent).

02 get office product screens JD Sartain / IDG

Get Office product monitors

You can also click Get Office. A product sales screen opens and your options are displayed under the Home tab. Click the For Business tab to see the business options.

Because it is “not really an upgrade”, but another purchase, the earlier versions of the software on your system are irrelevant to Microsoft except to determine if multiple versions can be run simultaneously on your system.

Microsoft advises against running multiple versions for several reasons. There are compatibility issues between system files (especially with Outlook): Some features are disabled and some files are overwritten by the newer version, leaving the older version without these files. Some commands are either outdated or changed, which means that one or both versions may fail.

How to update from Office 2010 to Office 365 from Microsoft Store

Go to the Microsoft Store app from the taskbar on your system. Sign in first to see the official Microsoft website. Click on the bottom left Choose your Microsoft 365, and again opens the screen for product sales and shows the tabs FOR HOME and COMPANIES with prices for all different combinations of products.

Important note: Updating or upgrading Office products does not affect your files, documents, spreadsheets, or other information. Even if they did, all Microsoft programs offer backwards compatible options. However, you should back up your Microsoft Outlook .pst file before you make some changes to your Outlook program. This file is located in one of the following locations:

C: Users AppData Local Microsoft Outlook

C: Users Roaming Local Microsoft Outlook

03 update from the Microsoft Store JD Sartain / IDG

Update from the Microsoft Store

You can also back up the .pst file to a Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV) file, which is compatible with Excel and all databases.

Once the new update is installed, use File > Open & export > Import Exportand then select an action in the Import & Export Wizard dialog box, for example Import from another program or file.

Click Nextand then select Comma-separated values or Outlook data file (.pst) and follow the instructions to recover your Outlook files.

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