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How to use Action and Extensions on iPhone and iPad

If you're an iPhone or iPad owner, you've probably encountered sharing and action extensions, but what are they and how do you use them? Both add power and ability to apps and they can change how you use your devices.

A sharing extension makes it quick and easy to share content with people or in some cases other apps. Imagine reading a good guide on how-to-geek, but you have to leave to take a train. With the help of a part extension you can save this guide to your favorite reading service. Would you like to send it to a friend? There is also a partial extension for that. Think of sharing queues as a way to get data out of programs in some way, and you'll get fit.

Action extensions work the same way but let you use features from other apps without having to explicitly open them. A good example here creates new tasks and projects in your favorite task manager, with the source as an attachment. Prior to the arrival of iOS 1

2 and its improved password autofill password, password password password access was also a great example of a powerful use of action extensions.

Both action and part extensions work the same way, which means you know how to use one, you know how to use both. We will explain how to enable extensions, reorder them, and use them here.

To enable an action or extension extension

To enable an action or sharing extension, open an app that allows you to share content Safari is a good example because everyone has it and it's usually on the home screen. When open, visit a site and press the "Share" button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

You will now see the share sheet, an area that shows top-line and bottom-up fixes. Depending on the type of add-on you want to enable, scroll to the far right and press the "More" button.

Next screen shows all available actions or sharing extensions depending on the line you selected. To enable an extension, turn the gear next to it.

How To Change Action Or Part Extensions

Replacement of additions is important if you have many enabled, making it easier to find the ones you usually use. To get started, let's use Safari as our jump of point one more time. Once again, after visiting a website, press the "Share" button. You will see the sharing sheet we mentioned earlier with extension extensions in the top row and action extension in the bottom. To reorder these add-ons, scroll to the right of the list and press the "more" button. Now that you see the list of extensions, hold the three horizontal lines next to one, then drag up or down the list to reorder it.

How to Use Action or Part Extensions

When you have all your add-ons enabled and ordered, it's easy to click the "Share" button and then tap the icon for the extension you want to use. One thing to remember here is that only extensions that work with the content at hand are displayed in this view. This means that extensions that only accept or work with images will not be displayed if you share a site, for example.

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