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How to use Android 10’s mode to get a better night’s sleep

Struggling to sleep? Some soothing songs may be exactly what you need to drive to the country’s neck country, and Google is here to help you. Based on previous basics, the Clock app in Android 10 now has a dedicated bedtime mode that can kick in at a certain time and remind you to start playing some relaxing music or soundscapes. Sounds like something you would be interested in? How to use Android 10’s new bedtime mode.

Are you looking for even more apps to help you drift off? We have a list of the best sleep buttons, from noise generators to sleep trackers.

Set your bedtime

But before you can use the Bedtime feature to play soothing sounds, you need to set it. To do so, open your Clock app, either by finding it in your app box or by dragging down the message shade and pressing the time.

Once you are there you can see Bedtime in the bottom right corner. If this is the first time you have opened the app since the update, there will also be a pop-up pointing it out. Click it, and then press Getting Started.

Set your wake-up time

First, it wants to know what your usual waking hours are. If you do not have one, strike Jump, but if you do, enter it and tap to deselect the days you do not want your alarm to go off. You have a couple of other options here as well. Sunrise Alarm lights up and slowly lights up the screen before the alarm goes off, simulating the rising sun and helping to make your body wake up. Vibrate is quite self-explanatory.

Sound have a little more about it. You can leave it as default if you want, or choose from a variety of other predefined options, but if you really want something special, press Spotify, Calm, or Youtube music tabs at the top. These only work if you have both apps installed on your phone and you need a premium subscription for both of them as well. click Spotify or Youtube music tabs to choose from Recently played list or choose from Spotify̵

7;s own choices for morning alarms. It’s a similar story below Calm and you can either choose a Recommend option or select a popular track from sound menu.

Finally, you can also set up a Google Assistant routine by tapping the last option in the list. This allows Google Assistant to come in as soon as you cancel the alarm and complete a preset action. You can choose to let it read the latest news, weather, events of the day, or all of the above and more besides, and even have it turn on any connected lights or devices on your Internet of Things. It probably will not be the best option if you sleep with someone who does not get up at the same time as you, but it is certainly nice to have that, if only to fulfill our deepest desires to live Tony Stark’s life.

Set your lying time

Then it must know what time you normally go to bed. Again, you skip this step if you do not go to bed at the same time each day, but if you do, feel free to spend your regular time here, and omit all the days that you do not normally follow a particular bedtime.

There are fewer options to choose from here. Reminder Message just lets you know about your upcoming bedtime gift in advance, but there’s more below Bedtime mode. Here you can specify what happens when your bedding is turned on and if you want it to be tied to a specific schedule. Based on schedule activates bedtime between the hours you specify and During charging at bedtime only turns on the mode between the specified hours when the phone is charging. Of is quite self-explanatory.

Otherwise, you also have to choose what happens when the bedtime mode is on. Do not disturb will stop alerts from pinging your phone while grayscale fades the phone display to gray, black and white tones during the time you are in bed, reminds you not to be on your phone. Choose which function appeals to you and press Done to complete your bedtime.

How to use the bed

Now the mode is set, you can see the home page. The upper part shows your scheduled bedtime and the alarm as well as when the next alarm is set. Below you can see your latest sleep statistics, based on periods when your phone was still in a dark room. sleep Sound is below it and at the bottom you can see all upcoming events in your calendar – but you must give the Clock app access to your calendar to see it.

Most of the Bedtime features will run without interruption, and if you have set it to trigger a Do Not Disturb mode, do so without prompting. But sleep sounds do not turn on automatically, and to do so you must enable them in the app. To do so, go to Bedtime tab in the Clock app and tap the play icon below sleep Sound. Select Select another sound to see your other options, including choices from Spotify, Calm or YouTube Music if you have all the apps installed. If you do not, tap the three dots at the top right below sleep Sound screen to see an option to easily install all the apps you are missing.

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