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How to use Android Pies search bar to control phone settings

When Android 9 Pie was introduced last year, it brought with it a new feature called Discs, which would allow features from third-party applications to be found in the Android interface. While you have been able to ask Google Assistant to switch some things on and off for a while, the latest implementation of discs has made it easier to access a variety of Android settings from Google search – given that your Pixel is equipped with Pie.

It's very simple: search for something like Bluetooth or Night Light using the Google search box on the home screen. The last selection in the search box will have a switch for that function. We could also do a "volume" search and got an adjustable range.

  android pie bluetooth

  android pie volume

Interestingly, with some of these features you do not need to enter the exact name of the function – for example, look for "light" and you get the shift for adjustable brightness. But while "Wi-Fi" with a dash gets you a switch for your wireless connection, "WiFi" will not. (Sometimes spelling can be important.)

  android pie wifi

  Android Pie-wi-fi

Currently, the functions appear to just roll out to Pixels; Google willing, other models running Android Pie will also get this pretty useful update sometime in the near future.

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