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How to use Editor Chat in Google Docs

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If you work with a Google Docs document with others, you do not need to rely on a third party service to communicate. While you can add comments, another way to send messages is to use the built-in editor treasure.

You can also use this feature in other Google products, including Google Sheets and Google Slides. The steps below work on all three services.

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As the name suggests, editorial tax can only be accessed by other Google Docs users if they can edit the document. If they can only see the document, they can not access this built-in chat system.

When two or more editors are editing a document, you can see their profile icons in the upper right corner next to the “Share”

; button. The profile icons have the “Show chat” icon – you need to tap here to open the editor’s chat panel.

In an open Google Docs document with multiple active editors, press

By clicking on the button, the editor chat is displayed as a panel on the right. The panel enables real-time communication between editors.

To start chatting, type a message in the “Write here to chat” box at the bottom of the panel and press “Enter.”

To send a message in the Google Docs Editor Chat, type a message in the box at the bottom of the panel, then press Enter.

The message is sent to other active editors in the chat. If they do not have the editor’s chat panel open, a message popup will appear below the “Show chat” icon in the upper right corner.

A new Google Docs instant messaging pop-up message

In the edit chat panel, user messages are linked to their full account names. When an editor leaves or re-enters the chat (for example, by closing the document and then returning to edit it later), a notification appears in the chat panel.

Examples of notifications in the Google Docs edit chat, where an editor closes and reopens a document.

Messages in the editor treasure are stored locally. If you decide to close the document and return to the latter, the editorial tax will be blank. You can prevent this by keeping the Google Docs document open. The chat messages remain saved until you close or refresh the page.

To stop chatting and close the panel, tap the “X” icon in the upper right corner.

To close the Google Docs edit chat, tap the cross icon at the top right.

This closes the panel, even if you remain active in the chat until you close the document.

While the editorial treasure is for communication between editors, you may prefer to ignore messages altogether. If you decide to ignore any messages, do not worry – there are no read receipts that use this system, so other editors do not know when (or if) you have seen a message.

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