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How to use screen time in Apple's iOS 12

Are you spending too much time on your iPhone and iPad? With IOS 12 you can set screen time limits for yourself or your child and develop some healthy device habits.

Are you or your children glued to your smartphones? Do you want to scale back? One of the many cool features of Apple's IOS 12 is Screen Time, which lets you discover how often you use your phone, where you spend your time and which apps you use the most.

can set various options to block some apps or limit the time you spend with them on your iPhone or iPad. Because the feature is cloud-based, it can show you how much time you spend on all your iOS devices in common.

In the meantime, iOS 12.2 updated Apple's Downtime feature to access only certain apps and phone calls, so you can set specific days and times to schedule downtime.

If you're ready to deal with technical abuse, or just look at how much time you're staring at your phone, this is how you begin. [19659008]
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