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How to use watermarks in PowerPoint

A watermark is a faded background image that shows behind the text of a document. You can use them to specify the state of a document (confidential, draft, etc.), add a subtle business logo, or even for a small artistic style. PowerPoint does not have a built-in watermark function like Word, but you can still add them with a text box.

How to Insert a Watermark in PowerPoint

It is not easy to add watermarks to PowerPoint as it is for Microsoft Word. However, you can add watermark text to the background of individual images or all images at once using the Master Slide feature.

We will look at how to add watermark text to all images in a presentation using the Master Slide feature. If you just want to add watermark to a single image, skip the steps to go to Slide Master.

First change to the "View" tab on the PowerPoint band.

] Click the "Slide Master" button.

Click on the first mother template.

If you only insert watermark text on a single image like this, start selecting the individual image where you want to insert the text instead of going to the slide show.

To insert the text or image you want to use as a watermark, click the "Insert" tab.

Click on the "Text Box" button.

A text box appears in your frame.

Type what you want in this text box.


Once you've written what you want, you can touch the formatting of the text box. You may want to drag the curved arrow to rotate the text, like this:

Or you may want to proceed to the "Format" tab on the main PowerPoint band to change settings like color, transforms, and more . It is up to you!

Finally, decide if you want the watermark to appear behind everything else in the picture. To do that, click the "Send Back" button on the "Format" tab and select "Send Back".

Once you've got your text as you like, it's time to leave the main picture, if that's what you're using. Switch to the "View" tab and then click "Normal" to return to the regular slide show.

Now you see the watermark text of your pictures.

If you insert the text on your main file, all new slides you have to have the same watermark on them.

How to remove a watermark from PowerPoint

If you would like to delete your watermark from PowerPoint, you only need to delete this text box.

Select the frame with the watermark (or return to the main screen if you have entered the text box). [19659005] Click the text box.

And then hit "Remove" to get rid of it. Your photos will be water-free!

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