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HTC announces a 5G Hotspot with built-in display and battery pack – Review Geek

  HTC 5G Hub device

HTC is working with Sprint to offer an unusual 5G hotspot. It has a screen, runs Android Pie and acts as a portable battery. It may look like an eco show, but don't confuse it into a smart hub.

You should probably not buy a 5G phone in 201

9, and in the same line you are probably not supposed to buy a 5G hotspot either. But if you live in one of the few cities that Sprint gives 5G to, HTC has an odd proposition for you.

HTC 5G Hub is a combination mobile hotspot, battery pack and Android tablet. The device has Android Pie, a 5-inch screen and a 7.660 mAh battery. HTC claims it has enough battery to be a full day, but it depends on how many devices are connected to it and if the screen is on.

Additionally, you can upload devices from it, connect it to a TV to get a larger screen and use voice commands to control it. In theory, if Sprint's 5G service is good enough in your area, HTC says you can replace your Wi-Fi router with the hub. And in the office setting, the hub can provide a corporate VPN.

It's not a smart hub but it has no Zigbee or Z-wave features, and it doesn't run the same interface as the Google homepage or other similar smart screens. HTC focuses primarily on the 5G mobile hotspot feature and suggests it as a way to speed up your 4G phones and tables. The other functions are there to increase the value.

In addition to everything else, HTC promises a possible integration with HTC Vive with the following:

In the future, you will be able to stream VR content from the cloud to your VIVE headsets via HTC 5G Hub no PC or unnecessary cables required – to enjoy a mobile, advanced real-time VR experience.

What HTC does not say is some form of pricing. Like the VR function, you have to wait for it.

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