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Instagram Stories 101: How to look and create your own

More relaxed than an Instagram post, supports stories photo, video and text and disappears after 24 hours. Here's your guide (and some pro tips) to Instagram stories.

You use Instagram to follow the latest pictures and videos from friends, favorite parties and other "influencers". But in addition to looping endlessly through your head lining, you can also keep up to date with the ones you follow through Instagram's ephemeral "Stories" function.

With Stories you can send a photo, video or series of two arranged in a slide show. After 24 hours, this story goes poof, and is only visible to the person who created it. You can include all text, music, frames, stickers, emoji and other smart effects that fit in for 1

5 seconds.

Audio Name? Snapchat popularized this type of vanishing action, and when Instagram parent Facebook failed to acquire Snapchat, simply cribbed the social media app's formula.

So how do you see the stories from the accounts you follow and create your own? Let's check it out.

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