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iOS 14: 11 cool tricks that your iPhone’s shortcut app can do for you now


There’s not much the shortcut app can do.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

It’s easy to ignore the pre-installed shortcut app on your iPhone, simply because at first glance it is not so clear what it does. Or maybe it’s that it seems to do a lot and can be overwhelming. Anyway, with the release iOS 14, den Shortcuts app has finally hit the mainstream thanks to its ability to create custom app icons.

The customization options, which include the ability to add widgets to your home screen, are endless and will surely look just as good on iPhone 12, as Apple announces October 13.

We will go into shortcuts that can save time or help you out of a jam and go even deeper into a sophisticated routine that starts lots of actions when you say barely a few words. Let’s start.

This story is regularly updated with new shortcuts and information.


The shortcut app can do almost anything you want as long as you are willing to get creative.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

Install shortcuts first

The first step is to install shortcuts from the App Store for iOS 12 or later on your phone or iPad ($ 275 at Back Market) (it should be built into iOS 13 and later devices), and be sure to add it to the Today View Widget by swiping right on your iPhone’s home screen and tapping Add widget at the bottom of the screen. Finally, tap on the green plus button next to shortcuts.

You also need to be aware of “untrusted” shortcuts. Scroll to the end for more.


With a little work, you can create a custom home screen just like this.


1. Create custom app icons

Perhaps the most popular addition to iOS 14 and the shortcuts is the ability to create custom app icons. Combine custom app icons with widgets anywhere and you can create a unique home screen it looks amazing. The process is a bit tedious, but if you are willing to put in the work, you can get a completely custom look. Take it, Android fans!

read more about create your own app icons using the shortcut app.

2. Siri, I’m over

This shortcut has been around for a while now, but it re-emerged earlier this year, prompted by Black Lives Matter protests. Once you have set the shortcut, you can say to Siri: “I will be pulled over” and your iPhone will both send your current location to a designated friend or family member and automatically start recording from the front camera of your phone. When you are done recording, you can send the video to a pre-filled contact and upload it to iCloud or Dropbox with a few taps.

read more about I’m starting to be the shortcut before adding it to your shortcut app.

A spell checker for anything

Auto-correction is nice, but it does not capture and does not change all the tpying mistakes we make. Looks? You can copy or share any block of text from another app to the Check Spelling shortcut, which checks it for spelling errors and gives you a corrected text block, then activates the split screen to copy the new text or share it with another app.

Add spelling checker to your shortcut app.


A spell checker? Count me in.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

4. See Amazon Price History for the best deals

CamelCamelCamel is a convenient site that tracks the price history of items listed and sold on Amazon. With this shortcut, you can speed up the process of finding a product page on the tracking site and even get alerts when the price drops to your specified price. When viewing an item on the Amazon website or in the Amazon app, press the Share button, then select CmlCmlCml from the list of available shortcuts.

Add CmlCmlCml to your shortcut app.

5. Set a Do Not Disturb timer for a pause

Silence your iPhone for a certain period of time by using a Do Not Disturb timer. Without shortcuts, you have to dive into DND’s settings and make adjustments. With shortcuts, however, you can specify how long you need and it will take care of the rest for you.

When you add its usability, you can run this shortcut just by saying to Siri: “Do not disturb the timer.” You can also rename it something like “Set a Do Not Disturb Timer” if you think it is more natural.

Add Do Not Disturb Timer in your shortcut app.


Shortcuts are synced between your iPhone and iPad.


6. Low battery level? Take this shortcut

If you are stressed about battery life, this third-party shortcut shared on Reddit will use your current battery percentage, compare it to your predefined settings, and customize your device’s performance to squeeze the last minutes of power out of your battery.

Run this shortcut either directly in the shortcut app or via the Today View widget.

Add Intelligent Power to your shortcut app.

7. Create a GIF with your camera

The Slide a GIF shortcut opens the camera app, ready to take a certain number of photos (four by default). Once the last photo has been taken, it is combined into an animated image that you can save or share.

Use the Siri or Today View Widget to launch this shortcut.

Add Shoot a GIF to your shortcut app.


Using shortcuts with third-party apps is another good use of the app.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

8. Create a PDF of almost anything

With just a few taps, you can turn any document or web page into a PDF that you can then save or share using the Make PDF shortcut.

Once you have added the shortcut to your app, use the share screen (called Share Sheet) from within an app and select Create PDF.

Add Make PDF to your shortcut app.

9. Unpack and save

Using Apple’s Files app to unzip a ZIP file so you can access what’s inside does not always work. If you have trouble getting files to open a ZIP folder and let you view and edit files inside, try this shortcut.

Select the file and send it to the shortcut app with the share button.

Add Unzip and Save to your shortcut app.

10. Extend a short security URL

Abbreviated links can be used in unpleasant ways to hide the actual destination of a URL. If you suspect that an abbreviated link as a bit.ly link will take you somewhere it should not, then use the Expand URL shortcut to see its true purpose.

Copy the URL and then activate the shortcut via the Today View widget. When the shortcut is complete, paste the extended URL into the Safari or Notes app to inspect it.

Add Expand URL to your shortcut app.


Yes, it is possible to create NFC triggers and actions.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

11. Reinforce your shortcuts with Automation

At the bottom of the Shortcuts app, there are three tabs: My Shortcuts, Automation, and Gallery. So far, everything I covered has been found in the gallery or, after adding a shortcut to the app, in My Shortcuts.

On the Automation tab, you can unlock even more shortcut potentials by using triggers such as time of day, your location, or even when you end a workout.

But maybe my favorite automation trigger is an NFC tag. When I go into my home office I can scan an NFC tag on my desktop that starts playing the playlist My favorites in my Apple Music account on min HomePod.

The ability to scan NFC tags was added to iOS 13.1 and only works on one iPhone XS or newer. You also need a package of NFC tags or stickers. I bought these NFC tags and they work well, as most NFC tags should.


You can use an NFC tag to trigger all kinds of automations.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / CNET

When you have NFC tags in hand, open the shortcut app and select Automation tab. Press “+“character and then select Create Personal automation > NFC and scan and name the tag you will use for the automation. Then press Add action and review the various system actions along with the apps you have installed that support NFC triggers. I was amazed at the number of apps I have installed that support them, including one that allows me to scan a tag to open the trunk of my car.

Apple does not currently have a way to share automations as shortcuts, but the process of setting one up is easy to understand and only takes a few seconds to complete. The most difficult thing is to decide what type of automation you want.

I recommend that you go through the Apple Gallery section of the shortcut app and add what you find useful and make tweaks to customize how your shortcuts run.

When you are done managing the shortcuts, be sure to check everything out features we love in iOS 14. It includes one healthy dose of hidden iOS features, together with a brand new home screen and app library.

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How to use Siri’s shortcut app


Be careful with “unreliable” shortcuts

When you start using the shortcut app and looking for shortcuts created by other users, you will have a hard time adding third-party creations to your app. By default is yours iPhone blocks “unreliable shortcuts” – that is, shortcuts shared outside of Apple’s own Gallery app. The reason is that shortcuts can become quite complex, connect to different services and request access to your personal information.

You should be careful when adding shortcuts created by other users, going through each action and making sure that it only does what is advertised. I have personally installed and tested hundreds of shortcuts and have not yet encountered anything that tried to do something harmful – but it is always a good idea to check.

Before adding any unattended shortcut, you need to go to settings > Shortcuts and activate the option marked Allow unreliable shortcuts.

With it enabled, you will not be blocked from viewing shortcuts, but you will be reminded before adding one to your app that it comes from a third party thanks to a giant red button that reads Add unreliable shortcut. If you see that button, remember to take a few minutes and inspect exactly what the app does. Not only will it keep your information more secure, but it will give you ideas on how to create your own shortcuts.

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