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iOS 14 makes your iPhone camera faster and easier to use

iOS 14 camera add-on

iOS 14 adds several tools and features that make your iPhone camera faster and easier to use.

Patrick Holland / CNET

I have used the beta version of iOS 14 since Apple announced it back in June at WWDC. The new iPhone ($ 699 at Apple) The OS adds features including home screen widgets, picture-in-picture video, Translation app and more. One of my favorite discoveries is a handful of new tools and improvements to the iPhone camera. New camera features usually only come out when a new iPhone is released, but Apple has been able to add more camera features through software updates alone.

With the new features, you can take pictures faster and control the exposure more easily. They can also help you stay still while taking Night Mode photos. These are all improvements that make it easier to use the camera app.

The new camera features should be welcomed when they land on people’s iPhones this fall in the final version of iOS 14. But I would not recommend downloading the public beta from iOS 14 just to get them, especially on your main iPhone. The software is still in beta, so it may be buggy on your phone. It may not work with existing apps.

For a step-by-step guide to each of the new iOS 14 camera features, watch the video below.

iOS 14 adds guides to Night Mode

If you want to take a good nightly photo, you need to keep your phone as still as possible. IOS 14 now has guides to help you control your phone when taking handheld night mode photos.

iOS 14 camera night mode

Patrick Holland / CNET

If you move your iPhone too much, a pair of recliners (one yellow and one white) will appear on the screen. You can then adjust how you hold the iphone until the two crosshair guides meet. As a result, the cameras will be more stable and able to take sharper pictures.

The new night mode guides are reminiscent of the crosshair guides that appear when you take pictures from top to bottom.

Mirror your selfies

When you take a selfie, iPhone inverts your photo so that things like text can be read. But if you prefer selfies that are a reflection of yourself, iOS 14 has your back. You can now Take a photo of the inverted version of your face. If there is text on your shirt, it will appear on the back just like a mirror image.

It is worth noting for the competition “which operating system had it first” as Android phones like Huawei have mirrored selfies for several years.

iOS 14 camera mirror selfies

IOS 14 gives you the choice to mirror your selfies (right) or keep them inverted (left).

Patrick Holland / CNET

Go to to enable mirror selfies on your iPhone settings, Camera and during the composition section turn on Mirror front camera.

The great thing is that it works for both photos and videos. That said, the preview live on the screen is not reflected. So if you want to use your selfie camera to apply makeup, you will see yourself turning around until you record a video or take a photo.

iOS 14 adds an exposure compensation dial to the Camera app

Adjusting the brightness of an image you take can be tedious in iOS 13. This is because focus and exposure are locked in a small yellow square that appears when you tap the screen. The yellow square is called the AF / AE box (autofocus / auto exposure).

To override and change the exposure, tap the brightness icon to the right of the AF / AE box and drag the screen icon up or down. It’s a pain to use because it’s so small: I think I make these little taps to get the brightness where I want it and end up like a dog scratching at a door to be let in.

iOS 14 camera add-on

iOS 14 adds a new exposure compensation dial to the camera’s toolbox above the shutter button. There is even a small light meter that appears at the top left of the screen.

Patrick Holland / CNET

In iOS 14, there is a new exposure compensation wheel that solves all this and makes it easier to adjust the brightness of your photo lighter or darker. When you open the camera toolbox above the shutter button, you will see a new exposure compensation icon which is a circle with plus and minus signs in the middle. Click on the icon to open the steering wheel. Then pull the dial left or right to increase or decrease the exposure. Apple even labels the dial with exposure values, just like a mirrorless or DSLR camera.

When the exposure dial is open, a small meter appears at the top left of the screen. When you make adjustments, you can see how much of a change you are making. If you press the small meter, it will also display EV.

This makes it easy to adjust the photo brightness without all the finger dog scratches.

Faster shot-to-shot performance in iOS 14

Another good addition is the ability to take pictures in a row faster. When not in Burst mode, iOS 14 offers less delay between taking a photo and letting you take a new one immediately after. You can see a tile comparison below with iOS 13 on the left and iOS 14 on the right. iOS 14 is drastically faster.

iOS 14 does is so you can take pictures in a row faster. There is less time from one photo to another.

Patrick Holland / CNET

In iOS 14 beta, it is enabled by default, but if you have turned it off and need to enable the feature, go to settingsthen Camera. Do you find Prioritize faster photography on the bottom.

iOS 14 lets you use the volume-up button for burst photos

Currently in iOS 13 when you press and hold either volume key, it records a Quick Take video. The iPhone records the video as long as you hold down the button.

In iOS 14, you can reshape the volume key to take a picture of images while holding it down. As long as you hold down the volume key, a series of images continues.

iOS 14 camera burst images volume button

You can change the volume up button in the Camera app so that when you hold it down, it takes a shower of photos.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Go to to enable this settings, Camera and turn on Use volume up for burst.

Now that you know about camera features, read on six features in iOS 14 will make you love your iPhone more and learn this pro to customize the new iOS 14 widget Smart Stack on your iPhone.

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